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Anda and Ariana in Double Anal Escort Fun

The two London escorts looked up as he entered the office. Ariana with her long, brunette hair sat in the chair behind the desk. The anal escort looked sophisticated and sexy in her white blouse; a woman in control. Anda with her eye catching curves sat on the edge of the desk, a notebook in her hand and the top of a pen between her full, knowing lips. Her long and shapely legs were bare except for the black heels that she wore so provocatively. 'Ah!' said the Moldavian escort from behind the desk, 'You're here at last. We need you to solve a problem for us.' He cleared his throat and approached the two sexy escorts. 'How can I be of assistance?' he said. His eyes strayed to Anda's magnificent tits and his cock jumped at the sight of the twin peaks of flesh as they tried to escape from her low cut top. Ariana stood up and walked around the desk. The anal escort's pinstripe skirt barely covered her perfect ass and he could see the tops of her stockings and the clips of her suspenders. She sat on the desk next to the Eastern European escort, the two beauties casually resting their incredible bodies against one another. 'We both love anal sex,' she said. His balls tightened at her words. 'But we can't decide which of us is the best.' 'I see,' he said, watching as the two anal escorts turned their backs to him and leant over the desk. Two pairs of the sexiest legs he had ever seen led up to the most incredible asses in London. 'That's quite a dilemma.' His hands reached out, one palm on each ass. So firm, so soft. 'I am assuming that you want me to fuck you both in the ass and give you a verdict?' He slid their short skirts up exposing their bare ass cheeks and tight assholes. 'Would you?' said Anda. The buxom anal escort looked over her shoulder and licked her lips seductively, 'You'd be doing us such a massive favour.' 'Of course,' he said, his voice husky. He undid his zip and released his throbbing dick. There was some lube strategically placed on the desk. He squirted the cold, slippery liquid over their pert behinds and massaged it into their quivering assholes. The two beautiful escorts groaned and gripped the farthest edge of the desk. One hand guided his cock against Ariana's asshole whilst his other hand slipped between Anda's soft pussy lips. With a practised swing, he watched his dick slide into the sexy anal escort's asshole whilst his finger rubbed the busty escort's clit. Another swing drove him deeper into Ariana's ass. Her sexy body thrust back against him, joining his rhythm. His finger circled Anda's clit. Both girls groaned with pleasure. Two round, firm backsides bobbed before his eyes, and he watched his dick thrust in and out of Ariana's asshole. Suddenly the anal escort stopped thrusting as her body began to shudder. He felt her asshole contract as she came hard. 'Oh fuck!' she gasped, her body shuddering, 'I love anal sex.' He laughed and gave her ass cheek a playful slap. Pulling out, he leant over the sexy young escort who still waited for anal penetration. 'Are you ready?' he said. 'Always!' she gasped. He pushed his still hard cock into her gorgeous ass. Ariana sat on the desk next to them and kissed him on the mouth as he fucked the anal escort in the ass. He was glad that he had got her close to her climax by playing with her clit because he could feel his spunk rising. His hands reached around and found her large breasts. 'Amazing,' he whispered. He listened to Anda's gasps and moans as he drove his dick up her ass and he felt the quivers in her body as her orgasm rolled through her. 'I'm there,' he said and Ariana stopped kissing him. Pulling out of that perfect, tight ass, he spun the beautiful London escort around and came in her face. 'You both win,' he said, 'You are the best anal escorts in London by far.'


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