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Sexy Dominant Redhead Call Girl Punishes Her Outcall Client

The dominant redhead tightened the grip of his ankle and wrist restraints. She didn’t want her naughty outcall client going anywhere anytime soon. The sexy redhead escort had been called as a matter of urgency to the central London hotel with the knowledge that she was to use her BDSM skills once again. A muffled groan came from her outcall client. The gag was doing its job well. He lay on his back on the big king size bed, spread-eagled with all four limbs tied. His naked body was unremarkable except for his impressively long penis which was erect in erotic anticipation. But the dominant redhead escort wasn’t going to be paying any compliments to his genitalia. Instead, she’d shame him as she’d been told to. ‘Who said that your pathetic excuse for a cock was allowed to be hard?!’ she asked furiously. The sexy redhead escort heard nothing more than a muffled groan in response. She turned away in anger and strode over to the small table on which she had placed her various BDSM accessories. Her fingers ran over each and every one until they came to rest on a black leather flogger. It was small but she knew it could deliver. The outcall client’s eyes widened. It wasn’t clear whether this was due to excitement or fear. He’d been a naughty boy and the dominant redhead needed to punish him for it. Still in her full black latex cat suit, the redhead escort ran the flogger over the stomach of the outcall client. ‘I never said that you could be excited…not yet’, she said, ‘it’s almost as if you’re deliberately defying me’. She had barely finished speaking when she raised the leather flogger and brought it down with a quick flick against his inner thighs. The outcall client flinched in response, his erection twitching. The flogger came down again, harder. He closed his eyes and waited for the stinging to subside. The dominant redhead wasn’t having that. She’d give him something to look at. The BDSM escort tugged at the black latex patches over her breasts. Her beautiful breasts emerged and all of a sudden her naughty outcall client was paying attention. Next her hands found the small zip that ran over her pussy. Seconds later her perfect young pussy was showing, positively glistening in excitement. The dominant redhead didn’t think it was possible for her client’s dick to grow further, but it did! The hot redhead escort picked up the flogger once again and ran it over his balls. ‘I’m going to untie your wrists and then I want you to jerk that pathetic excuse of a cock until you come’, commanded the BDSM escort. There was a muffled ‘yes mistress’ in response. She untied the wrist restrains and he quickly sat up, his ankles still tied. ‘Cum for your mistress!’, bellowed the hot dominant redhead as the outcall client began to wank his dick back and forth, sweat beading on his brow. She moved closer and pressed her breasts to his face in encouragement. She rubbed her pussy against his naked skin. He was still gagged but groaning in pleasure as he struggled to fight his urge. He wanted it to last as long as possible but the pressure was growing in his balls. His outcall redhead escort was so sexy that he simply couldn’t handle it. He had no control whatsoever. White cum flew though the air and splattered against the dominant redhead’s latex cat suit. ‘Pathetic!’ she scolded him. Angels of London - For the sexiest call girls to book in London


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