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Hot Dominant Call Girl gets her Anal Desire

The dominant escort was tall with legs that seemingly went on forever. Her finely toned calves and thighs were accentuated by her stylish high heels. His tongued flicked over her asshole, her sweet taste and musky scent filling his senses. He quivered whilst he worked. She was so dominant, so in control that he didn't want to disappoint her. 'Deeper,' she commanded, bending further forward. He spread the dominant escort's cheeks and wriggled his tongue up her tight asshole. 'You are just making me horny,' she said with disgust, 'Your tongue is not working for me. Stand up, you pathetic excuse for a man.' 'I'm... I'm sorry,' he said as he stood, hardly daring to look at her exquisite body. The Paddington escort turned her head, her beautiful face wearing a look that made his legs shake. Her eyes flashed as she looked him up and down, her sensual lip curling at the corner. 'Pick up the lube,' the dominant escort commanded, 'You will use your dick instead.' 'I... I don't want to,' he stammered, 'My priest told me that I mustn't do that any more.' 'Didn't you agree to obey my every request? That I am in command of everything you do?' 'Yes, Mistress, but...' 'But you are now telling me that this mere man has more power over you than I do. That obeying him comes above providing me with the pleasure that I deserve?' The dominant escort's voice was dangerous, the kind of voice that you did not disobey. 'Well... no... I...' His eyes became fixated on her ass. It was so round, so perfect, so sexy. His erection strained towards her, tugging him forward. How could he disobey this goddess with her incredible asshole? How could he deny her the pleasure that she craved? 'Go and get the lube,' said Vera. He found himself doing as instructed. 'Now apply it to my asshole... that's it... get it in deep. Good.' His whole body ached with his need for her. All that mattered was pleasing the sexy, London call girl. 'Now fuck my ass,' she said, 'Fuck it deep. Make it thorough. Fuck me hard.' He pressed his worthless cock to her tight hole and watched as it disappeared up her forbidden passage. The shame at what he was doing was at war with the absolute pleasure that he got from her tight grip and the knowledge that he was giving this beautiful, young escort what she wanted. He fucked her ass whilst she shouted instructions until she reached her climax. Afterwards, Vera allowed him to come over her ass cheeks and then lick her clean. He was going to be in so much trouble at confession but he knew that he'd be back again with with dominant escort next week.


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