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Cute teen escort lets older man dominate her

My tongue was devouring her cute teen escort pussy, she had just popped around my house to borrow some sugar for her parents and when I saw her wearing her little mini skirt and cute pigtails, I just had to have her. She made a point of flirting with me in the kitchen and it shocked her when I lifted her up onto the kitchen counter and lifted her tiny skirt. I’d quickly moved her pure white panties to the side and now I had my face full of her sweet little cunt. She sat back on the counter enjoying every second of my old tongue rubbing the insides of her pink pussy, I teased up and down her clit too and her moans filled the room the harder I forced my tongue inside her sweet innocent pussy. I’d always fancied the sweet teenager from next door, and she always made a habit of teasing me constantly, by wearing short little outfits with her youthful tight body on show. So, when the chance finally came to fuck her senseless, I took it with open arms. Her pussy tasted delicious and I revelled in hearing her sweet little moans as I slipped my tongue in and out of her and delicately patted her little clit with my fingers. I grabbed onto her tight arse as I pulled her pussy further into my face, I couldn’t get enough of her. I pulled her off the counter and she made swift work of releasing me from my trousers. She yanked off my belt and pulled down my trousers in the middle of the kitchen, she seemed to love that I was an older man and she instantly stuck her mouth around my massive erection and sucked it to back of her throat. Her skills were amazing, she was sucking on me better than anyone ever had in my life, she was grabbing and twisting on my balls and her tongue spread saliva all over my cock, I desperately wanted her. She told me to lie back on the floor, so I did as I was told, I lay back on the bare kitchen floor and watched as she turned away from me and lowered her sweet pussy onto my heaving cock. She started to ride me in the middle of the floor, and I watched as her young juicy arse bounced up and down as she fucked me hard and fast. Her screams were filling the house as I filled her with my dick and grabbed onto her curvy waist. I could hear her pussy slapping against my cock as she bounced harder and harder up and down on me and my breathing became heavier the hornier I became for her young body. I couldn’t believe this young teenager was fucking a grandad like me, and best of all she was loving every second of it. She stood back up and shoved my dick straight back into her mouth and then pushed my hand around my cock so that I would wank for her. She sat there kneeling on the floor before me, watching as I wanked myself off for her, she rubbed her pussy and her mouth was wide open waiting for me to shoot my load straight down the back of her throat. It wasn’t long before my cock was exploding, cum shot everywhere, straight over her little titties, down her throat and all over her perfect sweet face. She was covered in my dirty old man cum and I loved looking at the state of her cute little face covered in my spunk. My kinky teenage escort had played the perfect girl next door and I couldn’t wait to see what activities she wanted to try out the next time I saw her.


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