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Cock in a Cabin for Hot Young Escort Girl with Brunette Hair

Lucia loved being an escort and working in London was just so much fun. The sexy young brunette offered outcall appointments to homes and hotels as well as an erotic incall service at her own Knightsbridge apartment. She was twenty years old, and quite tall. She had long, flowing chestnut brown hair. Her face was pale without being too white, which drew attention to her bright blue eyes and red, pouting lips. Lucia's slim and sexy frame supported a fantastic pair of 34DD breasts which several of her incall and outcall clients had described as the best breasts they had even seen. The horny and sexy young brunette was a long way from the luxury London apartment where she usually did her outcalls. She was in Norway in a remote log cabin with her regular client, Robin. Robin often booked the horny call girl for incalls and outcalls in central London and beyond. This time Robin had gone a long way beyond - and booked the remote cabin for a whole week. The snow was lying thick on the ground outside, and Lucia was pleased that Robin's taste in remote Norwegian cabins ran to the very luxurious. The place was huge, with underfloor heating and oil paintings adorining the walls. The sexy young brunette noticed that there was also a large bearskin rug in front of the fireplace - the horny call girl had plans for that rug! She didn't have to wait long before her chance came. They'd been skiing that day and had afterwards enjoyed a pleasant evening meal. Now Lucia was in front of the mirror, brushing her long brown hair, and Robin was lying on one of the huge leather sofas in the lounge, reading a book. He was in his dressing gown and the fire was a roaring blaze. Lucia had just had a shower and was wearing a short towelling robe that reached about halfway down her thighs. The cute and sexy young brunette walked slowly over to the fire, picked up the poker, and turned over the logs. She bent down as far as she could, until she felt the cool air of the room caress the cheeks of her tight, exposed arse. She knew that Robin would have noticed her bending over and sensed his eyes running up her legs. She spread her feet apart a little so that he would be treated to a rear view of her pussy, which was already getting wet as she felt the softness of the bearskin rug between her toes. The horny London escort straightened up abruptly and heard Robin put down his book behind her. Steps approached, and she felt his warm hands moving up her inner thighs and reaching underneath to grasp her pussy in his palm. She sighed. A single middle finger wormed its way into her pussy, exploring the tight depths before withdrawing to search for her clitoris. Lucia undid the belt of her robe and let it fall off her shoulders. The busty call girl felt the heat of the fire on the underside of her large, sexy breasts. When Robin's hand finally fell away from her pussy she turned around. He too had removed his dressing gown, and was kneeling naked before her, his face in line with her wet pussy. Not missing a chance, Robin grabbed the outcall escort's buttocks and pulled her snatch towards his face. He buried his mouth in her crotch and she felt the pleasure grow as his long tongue worked its way around. By now the sexy young brunette was so horny that she had to have her outcall client's cock inside her as soon as possible. She quickly took a step back and lay down on her back on the thick bearskin rug, feeling the softness envelope her back. Lucia the horny escort spread her legs. With the fingers of one hand she spread the lips of her pussy wide, inviting Robin to be inside her. The regular outcall client needn't need much encouragement. His cock was hard, and he knelt between her legs, ready to penetrate her. With her other hand, the horny call girl gently grasped her outcall client's balls. She knew that this drove him crazy and, sure enough, Robin quickly pushed his swollen cock deep inside the sexy brunette call girl's pussy. She clasped her hands around his arse and pulled her inside him. The horny London outcall escort felt his cock deep inside her, the swollen head pushing and probing her soaking pussy. The twin feelings of the long, stiff cock inside her and the soft rug beneath her combined in a sensual overload that threatened to be overwhelming. Her client pumped and pushed, taking the nipples of her large, firm, pale breasts into his mouth one at a time and pushing down hard on them with his lips. The sexy horny escort came hard, the feelings of pleasure building between her thighs and running upwards to engulf her entire body. She cried out as she felt her client's cock twitch and spurt inside her, letting go of his huge load of cum. The sexy call girl lay back into the softness of the bearskin rug and felt the heat of the fire on the side of her naked body, before falling asleep.


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