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Curvy Russian Escort for a wealthy businessman

I had a social business function coming up, it was a summer ball and it was supposed to give us partners the chance to meet and greet with clients and mingle with associates and co-workers. The idea of it had been filling my mind with dread for weeks, I had never really been one for social gatherings, I never had a date and I always felt the functions were stiff and boring. So, on this occasion I decided to hire a curvy Russian escort to accompany me, hoping to make the evening at little less dull. I picked her up from her apartment about 7 pm and when I saw her, my jaw nearly hit the floor. She was the prettiest woman I had ever set eyes on; her hair was a natural blonde shade and it fell down the side of her face in soft waves. What really drew me to her was her sensational hourglass figure, she oozed sex appeal and the red dress she was wearing emphasised every single curve on her body perfectly.  I couldn’t believe my luck; I knew from the moment I saw her that my evening was no longer going to be dull and boring and I instantly started to look forward to the night ahead. When we entered the hotel function room all eyes were on my sexy date, her arm was linked around mine and I could see people eyeing her up and checking out her hot body as we walked past. She was delightful and she was extremely elegant. She stayed by my side all evening, speaking when necessary and making polite and witty comments to my co-workers and associates. She made me proud to have her on my arm and the evening was going extremely well. I couldn’t help but notice that she had been subtly flirting with me all evening, her fingertips would stroke the skin on my arm and her hand would casually touch my lower back, the sexual tension was alive in the air between us and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have sex with her.  My mind was filled with filthy thoughts all evening and as the night drew to a close, I was about to order her a taxi home. I had booked a hotel room for myself, but when I had booked her, I had no idea how sexually attracted to her I would become. When I reached inside my jacket pocket for my phone, she took hold of my wrist and shook her head. “I would like to join you in your suite sir”, she said with a delicate sweet tone to her voice. I looked at her in amazement, she really wanted to be with me. She closed the space between us and locked her lips gently onto mine, she smelt heavenly and the thought of being with her sexually was the only thing I could think of. I placed my hands onto her curvy waist and deepened the kiss. Her tongue massaged mine as my hands caressed her sexy body. Before long we were in my hotel room, she sat me on the edge of the bed and slowly loosened my tie. Her lips found my neck and she started to place soft kisses down my throat as her delicate fingers undid the buttons of my shirt. Soon I was sat there with my shirt wide open with her sweet mouth kissing me. I could feel myself harden at her touches; I was in heaven. She stepped back from me, her big blue eyes were full of horniness and I knew she wanted this as much as I did. She turned her body around, “help me out of this dress would you sir”, she asked sexily. I obliged and was soon pulling the zipper of her dress down as my lips found her smooth neck and planted kisses all over it. Once the zip was down, she spun around and stood back. She delicately slid the straps of her red dress down over her slender shoulders, the dress glided down her body and dropped to the floor, she was stood there in just her kinky lingerie. She looked even more like a goddess, her skin was sun kissed and golden, her breasts were perky and full, and her stomach was toned and flat. She had the body of an angel and I couldn’t wait to devour it. She stepped closer to me and looked me deep in the eyes, “our night has only just begun sir, do with me as you please”, she said to me with a look of pure lust and passion crossing her beautiful face.


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