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Curvy escort gives client passionate girl friend of his dreams - Part 1

I’d always been a fan of more curvaceous ladies; I loved their big juicy breasts and the way their arses always looked amazing in tight jeans. I had a week off from work, so I decided to go a little crazy and hire myself a curvy escort. I’d always wanted to try one but had never had the courage to actually do it. So, with my 40th Birthday approaching I thought to myself what better time to get all my secret fantasies fulfilled. I browsed my favourite escort site for a few days, there were hundreds of sexy girls to pick from but the category I wanted to look at was curvy girls and there were a lot to choose from. There were brunettes, petite girls and women of all different nationalities to choose from, I felt like a child at Christmas time. I finally stopped on a blonde escort named Melissa, she was from America and she had all the attributes that I’d always fantasised about. She had flowing long blonde hair and massive double D breasts that I wanted to nuzzle, but best of all her eyes were glowing and bright. She was the ultimate girl next door but with the added mix of curves that I desired. I’d arranged to meet her at a restaurant, and when she turned up, I couldn’t take my eyes off her delicious body. She walked over to me full of confidence, her cleavage was big and full and just as lovely as I had imagined. To my delight, she was wearing skin-tight jeans that showed off every single inch of her amazing body. I instantly wanted to grab her and fuck her, but I thought better and restrained myself. We sat and enjoyed dinner together in a boutique restaurant in Notting Hill, the conversation was just as easy as I had hoped, and we hit it off immediately. She was one of the most charismatic women I had ever met, I was happy that she actually ate her food. I couldn’t stand it when women ordered a tiny salad. Melissa ordered a steak and tucked in, watching her eat her food was almost orgasmic, and when she licked her lips I nearly ejaculated in my trousers. We shared a bottle of red wine, she was funny and bubbly and everything I had always looked for in a woman, she was giving me the perfect girlfriend experience and we hadn’t even started any kinky stuff yet. After dinner we decided to take a stroll through the town, we hit a couple more bars before deciding to head back to the luxury hotel that I’d hired for the weekend. I’d made an effort to make her feel as comfortable as possible and watching her eyes light up at the sight of the five-star hotel had me beaming from ear to ear. On the way to the room in the lift the atmosphere was already intense, she kept looking at me through her long eyelashes and her mesmerizing eyes were making me hornier than I’d ever felt in my life; I couldn’t wait to get her back to the hotel suite and have my wicked way with her curvaceous body. Once we arrived in the room Melissa pushed me down onto the bed and told me to enjoy. I did as I was instructed and sat back to enjoy the view. Melissa started to tare the clothes from her body, first her top came off and then she bent over to sexily remove the skin-tight jeans from her legs, as she bent over I got the perfect view of her fantastic cleavage, her breasts were enormous but beautifully perky all at the same time. My sexy curvy escort was finally stood before me in just her underwear, her body was even more incredible than I ever could have imagined; her skin was so smooth and sexy and her curvaceous figure was making me drool, I loved that she had a few love handles and that she wasn’t stick thin, I instantly started picturing her naked and it wasn’t long before I got to see it for real. She slowly slid down her panties to reveal the most immaculate pussy I’d ever seen. It was juicy and plump just the way I wanted it to be and the thought of my tongue between her pussy lips was making my dick hard. When she was completely naked, she confidently strolled over to join me on the bed, her hands made quick work of releasing me of my clothes and I was soon sat there naked beside her. We lay back on the bed facing each other, my hands glided over her sexy curves and she kissed me softly and passionately as I got a good grope of her curves. Her arse was so big and plump, I slapped it hard and she yelped at the contact. The action seemed to turn her on more and her kisses became deeper and harder. I placed my hands on her breasts, feeling her hard nipples between my fingers as she played with my dick down below. I thought I was going to cum just from touching her body. The moment was full of pure extasy and lust, I was thrilled that she was so confident in herself because I loved the feel of her body more than anything I’d ever felt. Her hands swept over my body, feeling my arms as she moved her skilful tongue to my neck. Her tongue gently licked my skin and the sensation was sending shivers through my body. She moved and sat on top of me so that I could get a proper view of her delicious figure as she slid my dick inside her wet pussy. Melissa started to ride me, passionately and hard. Her body was moving like I’d never seen before, her massive breasts were jiggling as she pounded my cock and my hands were fastened onto her curvaceous hips as she fucked me. She was moaning loud and I grabbed on harder so that I could drill my dick into her from below, I couldn’t wait to cum inside her plump little pussy. I was in over- drive, the feeling was exquisite, and I gave in, hot cum shot from my cock straight up inside her tight pussy. As I came Melissa found her climax too and her body started to shake as she orgasmed loudly and came all over my cock. She collapsed on top of me, her breasts hard against my chest as I held her tightly. We rested for a short while before I instructed her to turn over. I wanted to fuck her from behind and watch her curvy arse wobbling as I banged her filthy cunt. The night had only just begun, and I knew when I woke up in the morning I’d be well and truly fucked!


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