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Curvy brunette escort gets fucked over client’s sofa

I picked her up at 12pm, we had arranged to go for a little lunch date, I only had an hour, but I planned on making it as special as possible. I had known my curvy brunette escort for nearly two years now and she was the most stunning lady I had ever been with. She was sexy and smart, and I loved spending as much time with her as possible, so whenever I got chance to arrange a lunch date with her, I jumped at the opportunity. I saw her walking to the car, she was dressed in black tight jeans and a white top that made her breasts look deliciously big and juicy, I loved it when she wore white it made her look extra sexy and she knew that I loved it. I saw the smile on her face as she approached the car and her long blonde hair blew in the light breeze, she dazzled me every time I saw her and today was no different. I had planned on driving to the coast and having a light lunch in the car over looking the waves but I remembered that my wife was at work that afternoon so decided to take her back to my house instead, which was only a short drive away from her place. When we got into mine, we sat and ate some sandwiches that I’d prepared, I loved watching her eat, her lips were so juicy and watching her mouth suck on the strawberries I’d given her gave me a near enough instant erection. When she’d eaten, she excitedly swept her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a tight hug, she smelt delicious and having her in my arms made me feel calm and horny all at the same time. My hands reached around her body and I scooped her arse with my hands, squeezing her and feeling her curves. Her breathing changed and her lips found mine, her tongue dipped into my mouth and she kissed me deeply and passionately. I grazed her nipples through her top and her kiss deepened even more, her hands swept through my hair and down my neck, feeling me and wanting me. She pulled away with a sweet kinky look in her eyes, she stood and pulled her trousers down, she immediately bent herself over the sofa, I found myself behind her, feeling the smooth skin of her arse. I placed my finger inside her tight pussy, she was soaking wet already and I wanted to nestle my dick deep inside her. I undid my trousers and pulled out my erection, I shoved my dick inside her, fucking her over the sofa. I found her little arse hole and dipped my finger inside her whilst I fucked her beautiful pussy. She moaned in pleasure as my dick plunged into her, I quickened the pace, slamming myself into her hard and fast. I wanted her, I needed her, and I wanted her to cum all over my dick. I found her pink little clit and rubbed it hard, her juices were all over my fingers as I continued to fuck her hole. I felt her pussy tighten around my dick, her insides pulsated as she came loud and hard all over my cock. My sweet green- eyed beauty had just cum all over my dick and I couldn’t wait to cum straight inside her pussy in return.


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