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Curvy bisexual escort fingered me in busy London bar

I’ve always been bi-sexual, but it had always been in secret my family just wouldn’t understand. I’ve had sexual experiences with girls in the past but nothing that really stood out and certainly nothing that anyone knew about. I was approaching my 30th Birthday and I desperately wanted to have an experience of a life- time with another female. I booked myself a posh hotel in London and then I found myself browsing escort sites, searching for the perfect companion to make all my sexual lesbian fantasies come true. After a couple of weeks of searching I finally found the perfect curvy bisexual escort for me, her name was Tina and she was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever laid eyes on. Her body was beautifully toned, her hair was golden brown, and her face was stunning, with big blue eyes and juicy lips that looked like they needed to be bitten into. Best of all, she seemed fun and passionate and I knew she was the girl I had been waiting for to give me the ultimate night I had fantasised about for years. I waited in the bar at the hotel lobby, I was dressed in a little black dress and I’d made every effort to make myself look as attractive as possible. I could tell by the on-looking stares of passing gentlemen that I looked hot and it made me feel good being appreciated. I had done my blonde hair into loose curls and I wore super high heels so that my legs looked longer and sexier. When Tina arrived in the hotel lobby, I couldn’t believe my luck, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Her long hair cascaded down her body and she was wearing a sexy red dress that emphasised every single curve on her hourglass figure. She was sensational and I could feel my pussy tightening in response to how beautiful she was. We sat and talked for over an hour, laughing and enjoying one another’s company, I was amazed at how comfortable I felt with her and I could feel my heart racing the more I got to know her. As the night progressed, she started to get flirty with me, her hands would gently graze my thighs and her fingers edged up the hem of my dress. My heart was pounding, I wanted her desperately, I wanted to feel her lips on mine, and I wanted her tongue deep inside my soaking wet pussy. She locked her eyes on mine, her big blue eyes fluttered at me sexily and I knew she was as horny for me as much as I was for her. She came and stood behind me at the bar, her hands grazed over my arse, feeling me and touching me in the middle of a public place. She placed an arm around my waist so that it looked like she was just cuddling me, and I suddenly felt her hand glide up under my dress. Her fingers found my panties and she quickly pulled the fabric to the side. Suddenly I felt her finger inside my pussy hole. She was burying herself inside me, right at the bar and I couldn’t believe it. She started to move quicker and I was praying the bar tender didn’t come to take my order because I don’t think I would have been able to speak. Her soft hands pounded my pussy secretly from below and her lips found the back of my neck, subtly kissing my soft skin as she entered me repeatedly from behind. I felt myself building to an orgasm, and she gave one last final push as I came all over her fingers. She moved her hand away and I felt my pussy juices gliding down my inner thighs. Leaning into me she whispered, “I think we should skip this drink and head straight to the room”. I didn’t need to be asked twice and I grabbed her hand a pulled her towards the room, ready for the night of passion I had been waiting for.


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