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Escort Sex on a Cruise - Part 1

Lucy and Gemma were well used to being taken abroad for escort sex. They worked for a top London escort agency that only supplied the very best call girls to clients. Lucy was a tall and sexy brunette with long chestnut hair and a slim and sexy figure. She had a fantastic pair of 34D breasts that people stared at wherever the cute young escort went. Gemma was a little shorter, with a slim and sexy size 8 figure and short blonde hair. Both were very horny for escort sex and regularly worked as a duo of bisexual escorts for clients who wanted a threesome with two sexy girls. The two sexy young escorts were certainly a long way from London right now - they were on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean! Their client, Gavin, had booked a huge room for the three of them to share for the whole week. It had a grand piano - which Lucy could play - a jacuzzi, deep pile carpets, leather sofas and a huge bed where the three of them curled up every night. Best of all, it had its own private balcony looking out over the clear blue of the sea. It was the middle of the afternoon, and the two sexy escorts were still recovering from the escort sex of the night before. Gavin had been invited to dine at the captain's table. The captain of the cruise ship knew that Gavin was a very rich man. When you're rich, you can get away with all sorts of things, and the other guests at the table had not so much as raised an eyebrow when Gavin had introduced the two sexy London bisexual escorts as his 'girlfriends'. The meal had been fantastic. On Gavin's instructions, the girls had made a point of playing footsie with the Captain under the table. Later that night, after dinner and dancing, Gavin returned the captain's favour by letting him borrow one of the girls for a couple of hours. Lucy had been the lucky one, and had spent an enjoyable time in the captain's cabin taking his long cock in her tight pussy and arsehole. The captain had mentioned to Gavin that he liked having anal escort sex with cute young call girls - and Gavin knew that Lucy loved taking it up the bum. Gemma hadn't got away with a night off, either. Gavin, deprived of one of his escort companions, had made the blonde work very hard for her money, having sex in all kinds of kinky positions. So now the girls were getting a little strength back. They were lying in loungers on Gavin's private balcony. They were topless, though each of the horny and sexy escorts had kept a thong on. Gavin, worn out by the exertions of the night before, was still in bed and was likely to stay there for some time to come. The sexy escort sex girls were beginning to wake up a little. Gemma had closed her eyes for a few seconds, clearly enjoying the sun's rays on her beautiful body. Upon opening her eyes she found Lucy standing above her. Lucy the tall brunette escort simply took one of her reclining girlfriend's nipples between the forefinger and thumb of her right hand and began to tease and rub it. Anyone else might think this was pretty insignificant foreplay, but Gemma knew that it drove horny blonde Lucy wild. Almost as soon as Lucy's fingers made contact with the dark pink flesh of her nipple a wet patch appeared on Gemma's thong. Like many horny call girls, Gemma got wet very quickly. But today she was in the mood, and her sexy girlfriend was doing what she liked her doing best. Lucy, being a professional London escort girl who knew all about giving her bisexual incall and outcall partner pleasure, instantly took advantage of this. She roughly pulled off Gemma's thong and pushed first one, then two, then three fingers deep into blonde call girl's sopping pussy. She made no effort to be careful or gentle: she thrust in hard and deep, keen to penetrate as hard as she could. She knew that her fingernails would be causing her bisexual girlfriend an exquisite mixture of discomfort and pleasure as they probed deep inside the soft flesh of her snatch. Lucy paused, her fingers still wedged deep inside Gemma's tight escort pussy. A shadow moved across her. It was Gavin. The escorts' client had got out of bed, and was standing above them, naked, his cock in his hand. Escort sex was clearly on his mind! 'Don't let me stop you,' he said. The two horny and sexy London escorts weren't going to let anything stop their escort sex. Lucy pushed her fingers even deeper into her horny bisexual girlfriend escort's dripping snatch, To intensify the pleasure for the sexy blonde escort she hooked her thumb over Gemma's clit and began to work it, just gently at first, but then harder and harder, till the sexy petite call girl was gasping and beginning to call out with pleasure. Aware that people in nearby cabins would be able to hear her if she made too much noise, Gavin gave her something else to do with her mouth. The horny blonde escort's head was more or less exactly in line with his long, stiff cock. So the client put the purple end of it next to her mouth. Now, there's nothing any horny young London escort loves more than having a cock in her mouth. Angling her head forward, she grasped it between her lips and took it deep inside her mouth. Gemma loved to give OWO during escort sex, and like all professional London outcall escorts, she was an expert at it. As her bisexual escort girlfriend's fingers probed her pussy she took long pulls on the delicious salty cock. Lucy thought she would intensify Gemma's experience by joining in with the hot oral sex. Lucy knelt between Gemma's legs, and carefully spread the pussy lips of the blonde escort wide. A thin line of juice trickled from between the pink labia. Carefully, Lucy exposed Gemma's clitoris from underneath its delicate folds of skin. Holding the flesh of the horny blonde escort's pussy carefully in place, the brunette escort brought her head down and began to work her tongue on Gemma's clit. The sexy bisexual call girl ran her tongue round the base of the blonde's clit, only occasionally dragging it across the small pink bud. Once or twice she diverted her tongue from Gemma's clit to drive it deep inside her pussy. Gavin was gasping and buckling at the knees as Gemma, her sucking intensified by the escort sex she herself was receiving, continued to give him expert OWO. Lucy was the only one of the threesome not being directly pleasured. The sexy brunette call girl quickly solved this problem by sliding a finger between her legs and starting to masturbate furiously. Gemma looked down to meet the gaze of her horny bisexual escort girlfriend. In that instant, the two sexy escorts reached a silent agreement - all three of them were going to come together. The horny and sexy London escort girls were experts at this. They would have to take Gavin's cock twitching in Gemma's mouth as their cue. She would then unleash her own orgasm, which in turn would be the cue for Lucy to bring herself to a shuddering climax. Lucy had to be the driving force behind this. She began to work her tongue harder around and over Gemma's clit and pussy, and circled her finger faster and faster in her own tight wet snatch. The idea was for her to keep the two of them on the edge of orgasm, waiting to let it consume them as Gavin came. Very quickly, both girls were having to really fight not to come hard. Gavin was taking a while, enjoying the sensations of Gemma's lips and tongue playing over his glans and shaft, taking strokes on his long cock. Gemma began to exert just a little more suction, and bob her head up and down just a little quicker to move Gavin to his orgasm. When he came, he came hard and quickly, his knees almost giving way. His cock twitched in Gemma's mouth. He groaned, and shot his load. Gemma's mouth filled up with hot, salty cum and she swallowed every drop like a pro. At the same time, Lucy - who'd redoubled her efforts on hearing Gavin groan - sent the horny blonde escort over the edge with a single decisive flick of tongue on her clitoris. Lucy's own orgasm came a moment later. The two sexy outcall escorts liked cruising so much that they resolved to go every year - there's nothing like escort sex on a cruise!


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