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Exotic Colombian Call Girl Janet Gives a Good Spanking

A visit to the incall apartment of the Colombian escort was always the highlight of his trips to London. Janet was sexy - a real wildcat from the sultry heat of exotic Colombia. The busty escort knew exactly how to please him and her own enjoyment of their dates was obvious in her enthusiasm. He hung over her long slim legs with one hand on the floor and the other wrapped around a slender ankle. Her stockings were soft against his naked skin while her high heels emphasised her perfectly toned calves. A hand ran over his hot ass cheeks, gently rubbing away the sting of his initial punishment. 'Are you a naughty boy?' she purred in her sexy South American accent. 'Yes miss,' he said. 'How naughty?' 'Extremely.' His flesh has almost forgotten the spanking his sexy Colombian escort had already given him. With sudden fervour, she slapped her hand across each buttock. There were ten sharp slaps to both cheeks. He rocked on her lap and groaned with pleasure as the heat fanned out from his increasingly red ass. His cock swelled between her thighs where she tightened her grip. 'How many times were you naughty this week?' asked the Colombian escort. 'Thirty times... at least.' 'It had better be forty slaps then, just to be sure.' Her expert hand came down again. Janet gave the best spankings. Firm and stinging, he would remember her touch every time he sat down for a good few days. He writhed on her lap after each tingling slap, her thighs massaging his cock. 'Forty,' she said with the final smack across his abused buttocks. The tender flesh burned and throbbed. He hung over her lap, enjoying the sensation. Every nerve in his body was alive and buzzing. 'Get up,' she ordered. He obeyed. His legs trembled as he stood. The young Colombian London escort got up from the chair, her heavy breasts swaying with the movement. He moaned when he saw the wet patch her moist pussy had left behind. 'You think that you are the only one enjoying themselves?' she asked with eyebrows raised. He grinned and shook his head. Janet indicated that he should sit in the chair. Steeling himself for the pain of putting his spanked ass cheeks down, he sat. Air hissed through his teeth as he took a sharp intake of breath. The beautiful Colombian escort gave him a knowing smile and straddled his lap. Her gorgeous dark curls hung over her shoulders, caressing her large breasts. She lifted her hips and slid his cock into her tight wet pussy. 'Such a naughty boy,' she crooned. His ass cheeks burned as she fucked him. Her soft breasts smothered his face. He had never felt so alive.


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