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Cold Iron for Submissive Call Girl

Mike had put in a special request to his usual escort agency for a girl who was both submissive and adventurous. The London escort agency boss knew Mike to be a regular and reliable outcall customer, so he assured him that finding a suitable submissive escort wouldn't be a problem. Thus Lucy had duly arrived. With her short blonde hair, blue eyes and sweet smile she looked more like the girl next door than your typical escort. But the escort agency had assured Mike that she was certainly the girl for him, despite her rather innocent and angelic appearance. Mike liked bondage, and he'd recently acquired a few pieces of equipment that he was keen to try out. He asked Lucy to go through to the bedroom, take all her clothes off, put on the underwear she found there and lie on the bed. The sexy submissive escort did as she was told, and dutifully called through to tell Mike when she was ready. Mike went through, carrying a big box which contained all his new gear. He found the sexy young girl where he'd asked her to be, lying on the bed, her perky nipples and pussy lips showing through the thin t-shirt and knickers he'd bought specially for the occasion. She lay still, completely passive. The first thing he retrieved from his box of tricks was a black silk blindfold. Carefully, he wrapped it around the sexy young escort's head, making sure none of her smooth blonde hair was trapped in it. When he was sure she was comfortable, he headed back to the box for some restraints. As far as Mike was concerned, handcuffs were dull. Instead, he picked out two iron bars. One was shorter than the other and each had a strap cuff at either end. The longer one was a leg-spreader; the shorter for immobilising the arms of the submissive escort so that some kinky bondage action could follow. He put the bar of the arm restraint under the middle of her back, and attached the cuffs at either end to her upper arms. Her arms were pulled back, forcing her cute, C-cup tits further into the air. This was exactly what Mike wanted - he noticed with satisfaction that her nipples were already hardening. He could see that the escort agency had sent him the right call girl! The longer iron bar - the leg-spreader - was attached to her ankles so they were spread wide apart. It was adjustable, with a ratchet in the middle. He cranked it out so that her legs were spread as wide as they would realistically go. Taking care not to scratch the immaculate body underneath, Mike cut two holes in the thin cotton of the T shirt so that the escort's breasts could poke through. He cut a third hole in the knickers, so that her pussy was exposed. But he wasn't done yet. The last item he removed from the box was a pair of nipple clamps. He put one on each nipple and tightened the clamp slowly. By this time, the submissive escort on the bed was clearly expecting him to slide his shaft inside her, and she repositioned her pelvis to take his cock as comfortably as possible. But that wasn't what he had in mind at all. Mike left the room and went through to the kitchen. Opening the fridge door, he took out a third iron bar which was about ten inches long. It was smooth and rounded at the ends. He also retrieved a bottle of liquid lubricant he'd been keeping in there, before returning to the bedroom. He took off his clothes and then knelt between her legs so that she would think he was about to penetrate her pussy with his long, hard cock. His cock certainly was hard at the sight of the VIP call girl spreadeagled on his bed. But despite her expectations, it wasn't his cock that was going to go inside her. Mike took some of the ice cold lubricant and rubbed it along the cold metal of the bar. 'Are you ready?' he asked the blindfolded submissive escort. 'Oh yes' she replied. 'Slide inside me, big boy.' He didn't bother with any foreplay such as tickling her clit. The bar was well lubed and her pussy was wet. He pushed it in with a single thrust, all ten inches of cold metal penetrating her tight young call girl's pussy. She shouted with surprise and pleasure, and came almost instantly. Wanting to bring her to another orgasm quickly, Mike began to pump the metal bar hard. He wrapped the palm of his other hand around his own cock and began jack himself off. He had to work quickly. He wanted another orgasm out of the sexy blonde escort and he also wanted to come all over her. He didn't have to wait long. The escort girl came harder than Mike had seen anyone come before. At the most intense part of her climax he pushed the bar as deep inside as she could take it, and reached his own orgasm. Gouts of thick white cum flew through the air and landed on her big, creamy breasts. That was one of the best bondage experiences either client or submissive escort had ever had. And Mike had only just opened his box of tricks!


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