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CIM OWO for Hot Call Girl Evelyn

He looked down as the CIM OWO escort from Eastern Europe unzipped his trousers. Her perky breasts nestled in her tight black dress giving him a delicious view of her creamy cleavage. She knelt on the plush carpet, her beautiful face lit by the lights that shone around the dressing table mirror. Muted sounds from the busy corridor outside floated into the theatre dressing room. Evelyn looked up at him - the expression in her smouldering eyes was intense. Her delicate hand reached into his trousers and withdrew his hard dick. The touch of her hand made him gasp and a smile lifted the corners of her sensual mouth. The beautiful escort had sensed he was horny and dragged him into the empty dressing room. She'd known he wouldn't be able to wait until they got back to their hotel room. Now she knelt at his feet with her hand on his throbbing cock. She was ready to give him CIM OWO. The brunette escort's hands were cool on his hot skin. She ran her feminine fingers over his flesh, her light touch making him shiver with anticipation. Cupping his balls, she opened her mouth and let her tongue run around her lips as she looked up at him. He groaned and reached for her. His hands ran through her soft, silky hair and stroked her smooth cheek, imploring her to begin. Slowly, she dipped her mouth to his glistening cock. Her agile tongue flicked the tip, making his toes curl and his fingers fold into a fist. He rocked on his heels under the intense and erotic oral touch. The CIM OWO escort moved closer, drawing his hard cock into the heat of her mouth. She swallowed his length, holding the tip at the back of her throat. Her inner cheeks closed around him, holding him in a carnal grip. Moving back and forth in a steady rhythm, Evelyn drew him deeper into the tight confines of her throat. He moaned as she increased her tempo. Her tongue continued to massage his cock with each oral thrust. The young London escort was so skilled - he had never had CIM OWO this good before. Tremors ran through his stimulated body and pleasure coursed through his veins, pulsing in ever-stronger waves. Evelyn continued to suck his dick and he heard ecstatic groans escaping her mouth, her body writhing as she sucked him off. Flashes of light filled his vision and a tidal wave of euphoria burst through his groin and washed over his mind. The sexy escort's body stiffened as his spunk gushed down her throat. Still sucking and licking, she swallowed everything that he had to give.


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