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CIM OWO for Sexy Russian Call Girl

He looked at the blonde Russian escort through sleepy eyes. They had been fucking for most of the night but he had still woken up with solid morning wood. Sandrine smiled at him. She looked adorable and sexy with her sleep-tousled hair and the white sheet pulled up across her ample bosom. With a giggle, she kissed him lightly on the cheek and her hand slid down his torso to grasp his rigid cock. 'Such a horny boy,' she whispered in her foreign accent, 'Are you ever satisfied?' Turning his head towards the Russian escort in London, he kissed her hard on the mouth. 'It's the effect that you have on me,' he said, 'I just can't get enough of you.' Sandrine kissed him back passionately. Her small, feminine hand massaging his straining cock, her flexible body writhing against his. Those large breasts pressed alongside him and he groaned with avid need. 'I'm hungry,' said the London escort, breaking off their kiss, 'and you're horny. I know the perfect solution.' His eyes widened with the realisation of what the young Russian escort was proposing. Just the thought of those sensual lips wrapped around his dick and performing OWO was enough to make his balls swell. 'I have breakfast ready for you,' he said, lifting the sheet. The blonde escort from Russia gave him a naughty smile and slid down his body. He watched her tongue flick over the tip his penis and his toes curled at the intense pleasure that her oral touch sent flying through his stimulated body. She closed her lips around his girth and he saw his entire length disappear to the back of her soft, wet throat. It felt incredible. He heard himself moan. The warm sensation of her cheeks enclosed tightly around his hard dick, sliding up and down whilst her tongue flicked and licked with deft movements; he had never felt anything so erotic. The gorgeous Russian escort's fabulous breasts swung against his legs as her head bobbed up and down, her perfect ass jutted in the air. He was in heaven, bombarded with carnal delight. All of his senses were on fire with sexual passion. The pressure in his balls became almost unbearable as the swell of orgasmic heat lit up his groin. With a cry of elation, his climax rushed through his body and cum exploded into Sandrine's mouth. The OWO escort didn't stop sucking -the sexy Russian escort continued with her expert oral attention, sucking him dry, gulping his spunk with enthusiasm. When he was finally spent, she lifted her head, blonde hair tumbling around her beautiful face. 'So, what are you having for breakfast?' she asked with a mischievous smile.


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