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Luxury Facial for CIF Escort Caprice

The warm bed enfolded the London escort. A deep mattress and thick duvet cocooning the lovers from falling snow in the outside world. Caprice spread her smooth, toned thighs wider and took him deeper inside her tight, wet pussy. Arching her back, the CIF escort groaned with pleasure. They were shut off from the frenetic world outside, beneath the covers and behind the heavy curtains of their luxurious four poster bed. The East European escort pushed her breasts up and his hot mouth found her sensitive nipples. Slowly, they fucked in an erotic tangle of limbs and lips. Caprice rolled with her date and came out on top. The CIF escort pulled the covers around them, preserving their private luxury, and rode him with skilful movements of her sexy hips. His hands stroked her soft, unblemished skin, enjoying feeling the way her body undulated. Rolling hips, swaying breasts, twisting waist and bouncing buttocks. His eyes were on her all the time, an expression of wonder on his flushed face. The brunette escort tossed her hair and threw her head back, groaning as she ground her groin against his, gripping his dick with her strong vaginal muscles. The sexy CIF escort could feel every stroke of his hard cock over her g-spot and it drove her wild with lust. Caprice began to fuck him faster, her hair flicking around her shoulders, her breasts moving with her rhythm, her hips rolling beneath his hands. She could feel the bubble in her groin expanding, the heat and the promise of ecstasy pushing against the edges of her erotically charged mind. At last, the bubble burst and a flood of sexual pleasure raged through the beautiful body of the CIF escort. She cried out, her pussy pulsing, squeezing his hard cock. The intensity caused her to collapse forward, pressing her firm, youthful breasts to his chest. 'I want to come in your face,' he whispered in her ear. The sexy, young escort felt her pussy throb harder. She rolled off his body, releasing her vaginal grip on his stiff dick. 'Straddle my face,' said the CIF escort, 'I'll give you OWO until you're ready to come.' Pulling the covers over them, he placed his thighs over her shoulders and gripped the solid wooden headboard with his hands. Caprice opened her mouth and took his erection into the molten heat. He gasped out loud at her oral touch. The CIF escort sucked him with expert skill, the bare, tight skin of his hard cock slipping in and out of her sensual lips. She could feel the trembling in his legs and was ready for the moment when he leant back, withdrawing from her oral caress. His dick slid from the CIF escort's mouth with a wet pop. With a loud cry, cum burst from his cock, splashing across her beautiful face, painting her smooth skin white. Caprice writhed beneath his shuddering body, luxuriating in her facial within their private four poster haven.


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