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Christmas Time at UK Call Girl's Apartment

Eva had always loved Christmas and just adored festively decorating her flat. Since working as a UK escort girl she had got herself a lovely flat in Paddingon. The problem was that there was no elevator and she had some concern about whether she could get a Christmas tree up four flights of stairs. She visited a Christmas tree seller who was just down the road on the high street and looked longingly at the gorgeous trees they had on display. The UK escort girl spotted a strong looking man over the road who she vaguely recognised as being a neighbour in her building. Eva called him over with a wave and a smile and he didn't hesitate to come and see what she wanted. She apologised for disturbing him and explained that she but needed some help and recognised him from her apartment building. She asked him if he could help her carry the tree up to her apartment. Eva knew that playing to a strong man's ego would work wonders and sure enough he was more than happy to help. Eva picked a tree tha she loved and grabbing on end each, they set off down the road. It was quite a struggle taking the tree up the many stairs but the UK escort girl's strong neighbour did most of the work. Before long they had arrived at Eva's apartment. She had already clear a spot for the tree and they placed it there, completing the Paddington apartment's festive feel. They both looked around, impressed at the sight. Making eye contact they suddenly found themselves locked in each other's arms. Eva wanted to reward her muscular neighbour for his hard work helping her with the tree. The sexy UK escort girl French kissed him, noticing something poking against her as she did so. His dick was already hardening and she knew how to make it fully erect. The UK escort girl threw off her top and unfastened her bra. He watched hungrily as little by little she revealed her perfectly petite body. He pulled her close to him and she reached down and unbuttoned his jeans. Dropping his jeans and his boxers, she grabbed the big dick in front of her and pressed it against her naked pussy. This move took her neighbour by surprise - he hadn't expected her to be so eager for some cock. Lifting one leg up slightly, Eva shoved the muscular man's muscular erection into her tight snatch. Sex standing up was awkward but they somehow made it work. The Paddington escort's flexible leg was extended so he could better slide his dick back and forth. All of a sudden, he picked the UK escort girl up and lowered her onto his erection. There he held her in his arms, her feet completely off the floor. Eva was completely at his mercy as he bounced her body up and down against his cock. It was the first time that she'd experienced such a position and she loved it. All of a sudden his legs began to tremble and she felt a rush of hot cum enter her body. The sexy London escort girl didn't blame him for ejaculating after only a few minutes. She knew she was hot. Besides, she now had a new fuck buddy close at hand!


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