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Christa the Sexy Escort Barista

Christa was English, though a lot of people assumed she was Scandinavian thanks to her light blonde hair and soft white skin. She was a softly-spoken girl and while quiet, she certainly wasn't shy. In fact, she had immense confidence in herself. That's why she decided to take on not one, but two jobs to help fund her studies. She knew she could do both well and still get top grades. Two afternoons a week she worked in a central London branch of a major chain coffee bar as a sexy barista. The other three evenings in the working week she worked as a sexy callgirl for an elite London escort agency. Christa was ideally suited to both roles - both required her to be professional, charming and sexy, albeit to different degrees. In both jobs she was helped enormously by her incredible beauty. Christa was 5' 8", with long blonde hair, a sexy face and a curvy 34c figure. She had deep blue eyes and very full, red lips which drove men wild. Because of her good looks as well as her undoubted intelligence, she very quickly put together a very impressive list of regular clients. It didn't take long for one of them to realize that Christa the sexy escort girl was also Christa the sexy barista from the coffee house near his central London office. His name was Andy, and he had a kinky imagination. After a few dates with Christa, he decided he wanted to have a 'quickie' with her at her coffee house. She took a little persuading, but she was an adventurous kind of girl and eventually decided that it sounded like fun. Andy stipulated that he didn't want the encounter to take place in her break or anything lame like that, but actually when she was supposed to be working and somewhere where there was a risk of them being caught. The next day he walked into the coffee house and made his usual order. Christa was serving, wearing her uniform of a tight black shirt, black trousers and a small apron around her waist. The two made eye-contact, but nothing more: Andy knew from the glint he saw in her eye that she was up for it, and, as instructed, was wearing no panties underneath her trousers. After a moment or two of standing at the bar sipping his drink, Andy asked one of the other baristas about the location of the men's toilets. This was the signal to Christa that she should get ready to get fucked. A few moments later Andy was in a cubicle in the toilet. He'd only been there a couple of moments when the door opened and Christa walked in. She looked in his eyes and smiled coyly, biting her bottom lip. His instructions to the sexy barista had been that although this was only a quickie fuck, he wanted her fully naked. Accordingly, there was no time to waste; as soon as the door was closed behind her Christa pulled off her apron. Her shirt was next, revealing a black lacy bra which quickly came off to reveal her pert, sexy breasts. Finally, she kicked off her flat shoes and pulled off her trousers. True to her orders, she was entirely pantie-less. Andy smiled and gently put his hands on the sexy young escort's waist. Turning her around slowly, he took a moment to admire her incredible ass. The regular London client put his head close to the back of hers and kissed her neck. He felt her tremble with pleasure as he nibbled her earlobe. 'Bend over, sweetheart', said Andy 'I'm going to fuck you from behind.' Ever obedient, Christa the sexy barista did exactly as she was told and bent right over, resting her hands against the cool porcelain of the cistern. Behind her, Andy gently eased her thighs apart. His fingers found her pussy and he dipped them inside to find out how wet she was. She was clearly very excited because her pussy was dripping wet. Knowing there wasn't a moment to lose, Andy unzipped his trousers and got out his long, thick cock. Steadying the cute young escort's rear end with a firm hand on her waist, he drove his cock deep inside the young call girl making her gasp with pleasure. There wasn't much time, and although Andy's primary aim was to shoot his load inside Christa, he wanted to bring her to orgasm too. There was no time for warming up. He thrust hard and deep, pushing upwards with each thrust so that the gasping callgirl was very nearly lifted off her feet. Within about a minute he was ready to come, and so was his sexy escort Christa. Timing it carefully, he suddenly hit the young escort with a barrage of really hard and deep pushes, thrusting the tip of his cock as deep into the depths of her pussy as it would go. As Christa the sexy barista came, so did Andy, his legs nearly giving way as he pumped out a week's worth of cum. Within seconds Christa had spun round, kissed him on the lips and was getting dressed - time to get back to work!


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