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Sexy Cheerleader Call Girl Goes For 69

The cheerleader escort had danced for him in her tiny cheerleader's outfit. She was wearing a skirt so short that he could see the curve of her firm ass cheeks peeking out. Her bra top was so low cut that her pert breasts threatened to bounce right out of it. Watching Angela's sexy body move for him had been one of the most erotic experiences of his life. Now she was straddling his face, her perfectly shaved pussy over his mouth. All the while, her hot mouth sucked his dick - now this was defnitely the most erotic experience of his life! He loved 69 with a beautiful cheerleader escort. He groaned as Angela gave his balls a gentle squeeze, rolling them between her expert fingers whilst her mouth worked the length of his cock. Her toned thighs hugged his face and he felt her young flesh soft against his skin. The scent of her sex was strong in his nostrils - his cheerleader escort was wet and just as turned on as he was. His fingers spread her plump pussy lips so that his tongue could dive deeper, tasting the sweetness of her juices. Her hips moved in a gentle rhythm while little moans escaped from her mouth as she licked and sucked his dick. Silky blonde hair brushed his groin with each bob of her head. His tongue found her clit and she gasped, losing her oral grip on his cock for a moment, her body trembling in response to the intense stimulation. Taking advantage of the pause he rolled her over so that he could be on top. He could get more pressure on her clit and he'd be able to push his dick deeper into her throat. The blonde escort's body convulsed with his first thrust but she soon found her stride. The sexy cheerleader escort's thighs opened wider as she lifted her hips, grinding her pussy against his face. Pussy juices dripped from his chin. He watched the first quivers run up her inner thighs. It was safe tos say his cock had never been this hard - Angela knew exactly how to draw the pleasure out of him. Her body twisted beneath him while cum pooled on the bed sheets. The blonde London callgirl whimpered through the cock in her throat. Pushing his finger into her tight pussy, he felt the pulse of her orgasm - despite this, she never stopped sucking. His senses were suddenly overwhelmed. 'Now!' he exclaimed excitedly, 'Right fucking now!' The beautiful young escort released his cock with a loud pop and she slid further up the bed. His climax rushed through his balls, the release of pressure flooding his body with ecstasy. White spunk splashed across her toned cheerleader escort belly. His body rocked as he spent himself on her smooth soft skin. Tremors ran through his satisfied body. He could see Angela's open pussy which was wet with her juices. He felt his ardour rise again. It was a good thing that they had all night!


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