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Charlie's Huge 32FF Assets

Charlie was one of those girls you just couldn't help noticing. Perhaps it was her deep blue eyes or her soft sun-kissed skin. Perhaps it was her beautifully petite figure or her open and friendly nature. Or perhaps it was her huge assets! Whatever it was, Charlie certainly got a lot of attention and rightfully so. Arguably her greatest assets were her 32FF boobs. Being something of a tease, Charlie liked to wear tight tops to show off her fantastic assets. In truth, she enjoyed the appreciative glances and occasional stares men gave her as she walked down the street, her huge assets bouncing even within the tight confines of the sexy lingerie she habitually wore. She even got attention from women who jealously admired her. When Charlie left school at 18 and began to look for a career, escorting seemed the natural choice. She was very sexually active, and loved nothing better than to tease guys with her stunning body. In a very short time she found herself getting a lot of attention from guys who loved to come all over a busty young escort's breasts. As luck would have it, there were few things she liked better than the feeling of hot cum running down between huge assets and dripping off her nipples. One day Charlie got a call from her escort agency to tell her that a new client was interested in seeing her. She was very excited - most of her clients were regulars and the horny young escort was always pleased when she could add another to her collection! When he turned up at her incall flat, he turned out to be a very satisfactory client indeed. Steve was tall and handsome, and, judging from what Charlie could see of the bulge in his tight jeans, he was very well hung! After the initial pleasantries were done, the busty young London escort politely asked her incall client about his requirements. It seemed he'd heard about her enjoyment for having men ejaculate all over her massive tits and that's exactly what he wanted to do. Nothing could have given the sexy brunette escort girl more pleasure. Sitting her client down on the sofa, she put some gentle music on and began to perform a slow and sexy striptease. She was wearing a short suede skirt and a tight white top - knickers weren't necessary! Underneath the top, a black bra was clearly visible. Charlie began to bump and grind along to the slow beat of the music, enjoying the way Steve's eyes followed the shake of her hips and the delicate bouncing of her boobs. She quickly discarded her thin white top so that she was dancing in just her bra and her skirt. As she was facing away from Steve she removed her skirt. She wanted to tease him a little before he got a proper look at her pussy. By this time, Steve's urges had got the better of him and he had his cock in his hand. At first he just stroked it gently, but after a few moments he was wanking hard as he stared hypnotized at Charlie's huge assets which were still encased in her sexy black bra. She decided it was time to get her tits out. Turning away from Steve once more, she unclipped her bra and and discarded it, all the while swaying side to side. Covering them with her hands, she turned around. 'Would you like to see them?' she asked Steve. He grunted an affirmative. Smiling, she removed her hands so he could admire her huge round tits with their soft pink nipples. Steve gasped. Slowly, Charlie knelt down between his legs and began to whisper. 'What I want, Steve, is for you to come all over them. Shoot your thick creamy spunk all over my huge assets. Will you do that for me....please?' It was the 'please' that did it. With a grunt, Steve came - squirting a large load of cum all over Charlie's chest. She wasn't sure if he planned it, but one squirt of cum landed on her left breast, one on her right and the third right between them. She briefly savoured the feeling of the hot spunk running down her breasts before reaching up with her hands to rub it into her skin.


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