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Callgirl in a Catsuit

There's something slightly wild and animalistic about leather, especially a catsuit. London escorts are well known for their love of leather and rarely pass up the chance to wrap up their slim and sexy bodies in the sleek, tight-fitting material. Maisie loved leather as much as any London escort girl. She was the adventurous type who would try anything, especially if it was new. Most girls who go into the escort business expect a certain degree of excitement, but only those who are really innovative and genuinely open to new sexual experiences really excel. Like most regular escort girls, Maisie had a number of regular clients whom she trusted. Mike was one of her favourites, and he had taught her the pleasures that dressing in leather could bring. Although she was an imaginative girl, it had never really occurred to her that she might be interested in leather until she turned up at Mike's flat one day to be presented with a tight leather catsuit. Eager and excited, she hurried into the bathroom and quickly removed all her clothes, taking the chance to admire her own perfect body as she did so. She had an exceptionally slender body, surmounted by a full and attractive pair of pert breasts that jiggled slightly as she moved around. She often thought that her breasts were too big for her body. Her clients, however, seemed to think otherwise! Managing to get into the catsuit was easier than she'd expected. She dusted herself with a little powder and it slipped on with ease. It was as she was zipping it up that she noticed that something rather important was missing - there was a hole in the catsuit that exposed her smooth shaved pussy to the world. She'd always known that Mike was adventurous, though she hadn't realized quite how exotic his tastes were. Mike smiled excitedly when he saw her. Taking her by the hand, he walked the sexy young escort girl through to his bedroom. Maisie enjoyed being with Mike because he was such a big, strong guy. As they rolled around, she relished the sensation of being wrapped up in his strong arms. As they played however, she was erotically aware of both the tight leather encasing her body and the exposed vulnerability of her tight young snatch. It wasn't long before Mike's hands were straying over its shaven surface, searching out the wet crack of her labia and teasing out her clit. The sexy young London escort girl began to shudder with pleasure, and let out a low moan as Mike roughly pushed his thumb deep inside her, keeping it in for a few seconds only to pull it out again. She was now desperate for a hard fucking, and let Mike know this by rolling full on to her back and spreading her legs wide. He launched himself on top of her, his muscular body pushing hard against the smooth leather of her catsuit. His cock was long and hard and she moaned in pleasure as she felt it slide inside her. The long shaft pumping in and out of her soon had the young London escort in a state of high excitement. She could feel it grinding deep inside her, throbbing with energy and power. A moment later she was coming, grabbing hold of Mike's buttocks and pulling him as far in as she could. She felt his cock twitch, filling her wet pussy with his cum. Maisie was getting sweaty inside her leather catsuit now - it was time to strip it off and go for the next round of hot sex!


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