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Three Hot London Escort Girls for One Man

London escort girls are quite used to working as duos. Many of them are bisexual and enjoy sexy lesbian fun with a female partner. Sally, Jo and Clare were all from the same agency. They couldn't work out why all three of them had been booked simultaneously. One suggestion was that the booking was perhaps an orgy. They were surprised then when the client turned out to be just one man called Craig. Craig in turn eyed them up. Sally was the slimmest of the three London escort girls. She was blonde with a sexy oval-shaped face. Jo was also blonde and like Clare the brunette, was very busty. Craig's first request was unusual - he asked them all to take off the bottom half of their clothing. Obediently, the three sexy young escorts did just that so they were standing there naked from the waist down. He beckoned them to come nearer, and indicated that Clare should get down on her knees in front of the chair on which he was sitting. She got the message, and was soon unloading his stiffening cock from his trousers. The brunette escort's head was now bobbing between his legs, giving the kind of OWO you can only get from girls from the best London escort agencies. Sally and Jo stood there for a moment, somewhat at a loss as to what they were supposed to do. The London escort girls needn't have worried because it soon became apparent. As Clare sucked Craig's cock his hands snaked out and positioned between the blondes' legs. Very soon the two sexy escort girls found the forefingers of Craig's hands stimulating their sensitive clits. Soon only three noises were apparent in the room - the wet sucking of Clare's OWO, Craig's deep masculine groans and the two blondes' gasps as their clits were expertly stimulated. 'Okay then,' breathed Craig, 'let's have an orgasm race - see who can come first. If it's one of you two, you'll get a reward.' Clare intensified her sucking, taking long strokes at Craig's shaft and tickling the end of his glans with her tongue. Craig began to masturbate the two blonde escorts harder, so before long they were panting and buckling at the knees. In the end, Sally won. She shuddered and groaned before swaying for a few seconds. Her legs finally gave out and she had to kneel on the floor. Satisfied, Craig put his hands either side of Clare's head and eased her mouth away from his cock. Then he stood up, looming over Sally. 'Well done, Sally,' he said, 'now it's time for your reward. Don't you girls think you should all get naked?' The London escort girls did as they were told, pulling their tops over their heads so that their sexy young breasts swayed free. Sally stayed kneeling on the floor with Craig standing over her. He directed the other two escort girls' hands to his cock. It was long - so long that each could wrap one hand around it. On his instruction, Clare and Jo began to pump his cock. In return for the wank, Craig reached down and fondled the young escorts' breasts. Sally had recovered from her intense orgasm and was now kneeling up. She began to lick the end of Craig's cock. She licked the base, where the purple flesh of the tip met Craig's foreskin, and felt it stiffen even more with pleasure. Craig, pleasured by hands, tongue and finger, released a drop of pre-cum that Sally promptly swallowed. Craig wasn't far away from coming. Clare and Jo were pumping his cock as hard and fast as they could while Sally was licking his glans, flicking her tongue quickly across the tip. Her hands caressed his balls. Sally timed the finale perfectly. As she heard Craig groan and saw his cock twitch she gave his balls a tiny squeeze and pulled her head back. He exploded like she'd seen no man explode before. Cum plastered itself all over her face, running down neck and down to her breats. Now it was Craig's turn to collapse in a heap. How long would it take him to recover? Sally wiped the cum from her face with her fingers, and tasted it. She looked at the faces of Clare and Jo, who were looking expectantly at Craig. Neither of the London escort girls had come yet, and the party wasn't over!


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