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Buzzing DP For Bayswater Escort Melissa Who Loves Anal

The Eastern European escort loved anal sex. She loved the tight grip, the feeling of being so full, the sensation of being fucked in the ass, the naughtiness of it. Melissa was a very naughty girl and she liked being that way. Unsurprisingly her date for the night liked her that way too. He often told her that she was the best anal escort in London. It made her so happy every time he told her that. Melissa's client was being a tease this time. Knowing full well how much she wanted his dick in her ass, he had spent ages playing with her large breasts. All of that nipple stimulation had got her so horny and the frustration was driving her crazy. Now the anal escort was giving him OWO, yet another sex act that turned her on, making her pussy pulse and her asshole twitch with need. Her inner thighs were soaked with her own juices. The London escort used all of her experience to tease him orally, bringing him to the brink and then taking him down again. Two could play the teasing game and she intended to make him break first. 'Fuck, girl,' he gasped, 'What are you doing to me? You are such a naughty girl!' Melissa groaned, his words making her want to be fucked in the ass even more. Yet the anal escort continued to suck him, working him up to the brink again. He groaned, bending forward, one hand fondling a heavy breast whilst the other slid down her back and grasped her ass cheek. 'You are the sexiest girl, I have ever met,' he said, 'The sexiest and the naughtiest. I give in. I can't hold back any longer. Let's ass fuck.' The Bayswater escort released her oral grip on his cock, a triumphant grin on her beautiful face. She turned her back towards him and presented her round ass. 'I'm not going to last long after that amazing OWO,' he said, 'So I'm going to use this.' He held up a vibrator with a clitoral stimulator on it. Seeing it, Melissa gasped and wiggled her ass in anticipation. He laughed and smothered the anal escort's asshole with lube. 'You're so wet, I'm not sure that we even need this,' he said. Melissa giggled and then groaned as his cock slowly slid into her tight ass. When he was deep inside her, his fingers opened her pussy lips and slid the vibrator into her wet pussy. She felt so wonderfully full that her body was already beginning to tremble. With a click, he switched on the vibrator and began to thrust up her ass. The anal escort gasped and moaned in response to the triple stimulation. Tremors ran up the inside of her thighs, shocks of pleasure shot out from her clit. 'Oh, yes,' she groaned, clawing at the sheets. 'That's my girl,' he said, 'my naughty, dirty girl.' Her orgasm slammed into her, crushing the vibrator in her pussy, gripping his thrusting cock inside her ass. Shudders ran through her horny body. She could hear him come with her. His hips bucking against her ass, his hands grasping the curve of her hips. 'What did I say,' he cried out, 'best anal escort in London, without a doubt.'


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