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Brunette Teen Call Girl Provides the Best OWO in London

She was only 18 years old but in just a few short months, Melania had built up quite the reputation as a brunette teen escort in London. In particular reviews from incall and outcall clients alike had mentioned just how good her blowjobs were. OWO was a service that Melania loved to provide and today she was lucky enough to be doing just that. It was only 8am and the brunette teen escort was at the central London flat of Steve. Most bookings were for evenings but Steve had something very specific in mind. The middle-aged businessman didn’t want sex. What he did want was some of that OWO that Melania apparently did so well. He couldn’t think of a better way to start what would be a stressful week at work. Who knows, maybe if he enjoyed it he’d book her to celebrate the end of the week too! The sexy brunette teen escort sat him down at the end of the bed while she got on her knees and unzipped his trousers. She smiled as her hand made contact with a sizeable cock - she loved a challenge! First she began to wank it back and forth, nice and slowly. Then she opened her mouth and let her tongue just tickle its tip. As she did so, she looked into Steve’s eyes, a filthy look in her eyes. Melania believed eye contact was very important and it was something that she maintained as much as possible. She wanted her outcall client to know that it was all for him. The brunette teen escort was still teasing Steve with the tip of her tongue which was now just lightly sliding up and down the length of his shaft. She wanted to make his dick nice and sensitive before she took it to the next level. Without so much as a warning, Melania’s lips closed around the head of Steve’s cock and plunged down, engulfing it entirely. He outcall client groaned in ecstasy as she took it all in. She really did give the best blowjob in London! The hot brunette teen escort kept her full lips nice and tight as she bobbed her head up and down, taking the opportunity to look into his eyes as often as she could. A quick pause followed as Melania stripped out of her clothes, providing Steve’s eyes with a further treat. She had beautiful breasts with perky nipples that brushed against Steve’s legs as she returned to the OWO service. By now the brunette teen escort was deepthroating the big veiny cock before her. Saliva trickled from the corners of her mouth and she gasped for breath as she continued to suck hard and fast. Steve’s breath had become shallow and he began to twitch as he tried to hold back his cum. However, Melania was not to be denied. Her hands wanking him as her mouth closed round the tip of her outcall client’s cock, she was successful in making him cum hard and fast. His load shot into her mouth and down her throat and Melania gulped it all down greedily. It was a river of ejaculate and the brunette teen escort was more than willing to accept it. Steve’s balls were completely drained and he lay back exhausted but completely satisfied. Melania was good, very good!


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