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London Brunette Escort Strip Tease

I was alone in a London hotel room and in need of some fun so I'd booked a strip tease escort for the night. I'm a big fan of roleplay and for tonight I wanted a tall brunette - someone charismatic and sensual. Ideally she would be like a movie star from the 50s, all glitz and glamour! So I'd called the escort agency and told them exactly what I wanted. They matched me with a roleplay brunette escort who they said would definitely look the part and could do one hell of a strip tease. I lay there in bed waiting for her arrival. I half wanted to wank myself silly, such as my anticipation of what was to come. But that wouldn't have been fair - I had to save it for her. At the agreed time of 7.30 pm, the strip tease escort arrived. Into the dimly lit room she walked. She certainly played her part well and she had styled herself on Hollywood actresses from days gone by. She had a long and shimmering figure-hugging dress with black log gloves that covered most of her arms. The black dress had a huge slit up the side so it showed that she had on suspenders and a garter at the top of her thigh. She was tall - just as I'd wanted. Yet she still wore heels which made her even more statuesque. I wondered how she was able to glide so effortlessly. At this point my strip tease brunette still hadn't really looked at me. She had just sauntered into the room, her whole body moving slowly and sensually under the tight dress. I was so mesmerised that I couldn't take my eyes off her. Unsurprisingly, my cock was rock solid with erotic anticipation. Still without even acknowledging my presence she started her strip tease by peeling off her long black gloves. First she pulled slightly on each finger then rolled the satin material down each arm before pulling on all of the fingers together to free the silky gloves from her long sleek arms. It must have taken a minute to remove each glove and was one of the sexiest things I had ever witnessed. I was self conscious that my erect cock was visible but she was oblivious to that - it was as if she didn't even know I was in the room. My strip tease escort reached behind her neck and began untying the simple strap that was fastened behind her neck - it held up the whole dress. Her now bare arms reached up and started to unfasten the slim strap which was holding up the gown. Just a quick untie and the tight silky dress slipped down her body slowly. She gave the occasional strip tease wiggle to help it on its way but it didn't take much effort for it to slip to the floor. There was no bra - she just stood there with her breasts exposed. They were amazing pert peaks sitting above her slim and toned stomach. They weren't too big, weren't too small - they were just perfect mounds of flesh and her nipples were erect. She stood there wearing only a skimpy black thong, suspenders and stockings. The thong was tied at the side with little black ribbons and nothing more. The strip tease escort reached down and pulled at the ribbon on each side and the thong dropped to the floor. It was then that she glanced across at me for the first time. A trace of a smile came across her lips before her tongue appeared and ran across her top lip. My dick was throbbing so hard that I could feel the blood pumping around it. My brunette escort gyrated her hips and began to slide the tiny black thong downwards. Momentarily her eyes make contact with mine; dark, mysterious, full of promise. She licked her lips and I felt my cock jerk in my pants. She was now fully exposed - her neatly shaved pussy and bare ass slowly swaying in front of me. All she was wearing was her high heels. She made a move towards me - she was silent and sensual. I was determined to make her moan with pleasure before the strip tease date was done. Angels of London - For the sexiest escorts to book in London


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