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Breaking my Barren Spell with a Busty High Class Escort

I've had such a hard time getting laid lately. I do everything that I'm supposed to do. I go to clubs and hang out, I buy girls drinks and I also surf online dating sites. I have no idea why I'm going through such a dry spell. All I want is some pussy - I'm not looking to get married or anything like that! I'm a busy guy and perhaps that's the problem. If I had more free time then perhaps I'd find it easier to meet girls. So one day a thought crossed my mind and I went online. I searched for some escort agencies and a busty escort - something I'd never done before. I visited several sites and found a girl that I liked. She had nice big tits and a very pretty smile. I sent the agency an email and just a few minutes later I had a reponse and the date was arranged! I decided to visit the busty escort's incall apartment as an excuse to get out of the house. I'd been working at home all day and was going crazy there. So on the way to her incall apartment, I bought a bottle of wine. A gift wasn't necessary but I thought it was a nice touch. At the very least it would be some dutch courage for me if I was nervous! On arrival I was certainly a bit apprehensive as it was my first time with a busty escort. So we had a glass of wine each. The busty escort looked better in person than in her pictures - this was a really nice surprise. After a bit of chat and some wine she led me to her bedroom. The lights were dimmed, the air smelled of perfume, the bed was covered with silk sheets and a canopy over it. My busty escort lay me on the bed and started to undress me one item at a time. It was then that she started playing with my penis, licking and sucking on my balls. Needless to say, my cock was throbbing at this point - this was clearly a woman who knew what she was doing. She seemed to sense that I wanted more and she wrapped her luscious, pink lips round the head of my cock. I couldn't help letting out a sigh of pure pleasure at the incredible OWO. It was clear that the busty escort was teasing me, driving me crazy. I hadn't had a woman in months and wanted it to last but also my cock and balls were telling me otherwise - it took all of my willpower to avoid shooting my load into her mouth there and then. But the blow job wasn't to make me cum. My busty escort just wanted to make sure my cock was rock hard for what was to come. All of a sudden, she laid back and opened her legs. My heart skipped a beat as I looked down on her amazing body, the dim light showing off the shadows around her huge tits. She pulled open her pussy lips and the inside glistened. It was already wet and waiting for my dick. I couldn't wait any longer. Foreplay was not on the menu. I slid my cock inside the busty escort's pussy almost collapsing onto her body. It felt so good to be inside her. In fact, it was so good that I didn't last long at all. There I was on top of her, drilling that wet pussy and all of a sudden I came so hard that it took my breath away - I'd just emptied months of cum inside of her and she was very grateful for the gift. Angels of London For the best girls to book in London


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