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The Lithuanian Escort For Bob

Bob had spent his whole working life as a caretaker in a large office block in the city of London. He had been married once but his wife had left, saying he was way too boring for her and that she needed more excitement in her life. Naturally his confidence had been knocked. What’s more, she was the only person he’d ever had sex with – not that what they did was particularly exciting. It was repetitive, it was passionless and it was over in a heartbeat. He didn’t have many passions in life. The balding, middle-aged man enjoyed keeping the office block spick and span. If you went out for a drink with him he would talk incessantly about cleaning products and techniques. Needless to say, not many people accompanied him to the local bars. One exception was his brother who unfortunately only made his life worse. His younger brother Brian worked in the very same office block and was a high flying executive. The James Bond type, Brian drove a fast car and lived in a terribly expensive apartment in central London. Every time Brian got a bonus – and he did get them often – he’d drag poor Bob around the capitals posh bars and clubs. Bob hated it because he had nothing in common with his brother or any of his equally successful friends. He would just stand there while his brother chatted up women who were clearly only interested in his money. That Friday evening, Bob was out on one such night. He didn’t have the heart to say no to his brother. Besides, he didn’t have anything better to do at home. Brian was celebrating his biggest bonus yet while Bob sat in the corner of the exceedingly expensive South Kensington bar with a pint of lager. His brother had insisted he tried something more adventurous but Bob knew what he liked. Meanwhile Brian had his tongue down the throat of a stunning blonde. Bob was jealous but kept it to himself. After almost an hour of sitting on his own, he’d had enough. Bob tapped his brother on the shoulder and told him he was going home. Extracting his tongue from the mouth of the girl he’d been French kissing, his brother downright forbid it. “No way big brother. I booked this high class Lithuanian escort. Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s mine for the night. You know, I was thinking – perhaps I should share the wealth more often.” And with that, the blonde outcall escort took Bob by the hand before he had the chance to ask his brother what he was talking about. He thought she was leading him to the bar but all of a sudden they had walked past it and straight into the women’s toilets. “But I’m not allowed in here!” whispered Bob. “Besides, I’m not the sort of guy you want. I’m poor, I’m boring and I don’t fit in here.” His comments echoed off the tiled walls as she continued to march him straight into the nearest cubicle. The sexy Lithuanian escort pressed him against the wall and undid his zip, grabbing his cock and pulling the rapidly hardening monster out for closer inspection. The outcall escort made no attempt to hide the fact that she was really impressed. Bob’s brother may have a better car and a bigger house but Bob had a bigger dick. With no hesitation, the Lithuanian escort crammed his veiny member between her full lips. Bob watched with fascination as every inch disappeared down the blonde outcall escort’s throat. He’d never received oral before, never mind been deep throated. His wife had always turned her nose up at his penis as if disgusted by it – but not this girl. She sucked his dick with a vigor he’d never experienced. Her mouth was like a vacuum and the sensation of the suction meant that he was already close to ejaculating. The final straw was when the blonde Lithuanian escort began to massage his balls while continuing to suck on his dick. “I’m coming, I’m coming”, gasped Bob. He was about to extract from the haven of her warm, wet mouth when the sexy outcall escort pulled his body closer to her. She was in no doubt that she wanted to swallow every drop of Bob’s cum. Bob’s body shuddered as the sensation overwhelmed him and unable to resist any longer, he shot a huge stream of cum, filling up the Lithuanian escort’s mouth. Her eyes widened, surprised at the quantity he had stored in his testicles. She gagged, but she was a professional. With a steely determination she swallowed every last drop. Now it was Bob’s turn to be impressed. Bob felt like a new man. Suddenly, he felt like anything was possible. It was like he had woken up after years of slumber. Leaving the petite outcall escort to compose herself, he pulled up his pants and strode out of the toilet with a smile of satisfaction etched on his face. Bob was suddenly not so boring anymore. Angels of London - For the best girls to book in London


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