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Blonde London Call Girl Gives Amazing OWO

He held escort with blonde hair close, enjoying the feel of her naked body against his in the silent darkness. Sonya's skin was soft and warm. The curve of her hips, the dip of her waist, the swell of her buttocks so tactile beneath his exploring hands. He was so thankful that she had joined the best London escort agency and that they had been brought together. The Paddington escort gave the most incredible GFE of all the escorts in London and as such, he always looked forward to their dates. Sonya snuggled in closer, her breath warm on his neck, her hair silky against his cheek. 'I'm horny,' the blonde escort murmured. He laughed. 'You're always horny,' he said. Checking his watch, he saw that it was 3am, 'Day or night, always horny.' 'Are you complaining,' said the sexy Paddington escort, turning her head and kissing his throat. 'Never,' he said, his voice sounding gruff as his ardour rose. His lips met Sonya's and they kissed slowly and sensuously. The sexy blonde escort slid her hand down his back, grasping his buttocks and drawing him closer. He groaned into their kiss when his erection slipped between her smooth thighs. She squeezed gently and rocked her hips. His hands caressed her body, one hand finding her breast and gently brushing across her hard nipple in the way that he knew that she liked. He felt the tell-tale tremble run through her gorgeous body. 'Oh fuck,' moaned Sonya, 'I need to suck your dick.' The Paddington escort slid down his body, her hand grasping his erection. The beautiful hair of the blonde escort brushed against his thighs. He gasped when her full lips closed around the hot, tight skin of his cock. Her tongue and inner cheeks went to work in an expert display of OWO, sucking and teasing his naked dick. Small hands grasped his waist as her head rose and fell. Second by second, the blonde escort drew him closer and closer to euphoric bliss. He could feel her breasts, her erect nipples, bouncing and rubbing against his thighs in her enthusiasm. Small moans emanated from the throat of the young Paddington escort, communicating her enjoyment to him. The moment of stillness swept over him. He floated in ecstasy and then his climax roared through him, shooting cum into the mouth of the amazing London escort. Each pulse of spunk sent a wave of pleasure coursing through his body. He heard himself crying out, an uninhibited expression of joyful release. When his balls were completely emptied, he took a few minutes to get his breath back. He was aware of the way that Sonya's body was quivering with need and desire. The Paddington escort really was incredible. 'Open you legs, beautiful,' he said, 'It's your turn. I need to taste that pussy of yours.'


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