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This Blonde London Call Girl is a Perfect Doll

He had searched every London escort agency until he had found the exact blonde escort for his needs. Amongst all those London escorts, he had finally found her. Sonata was beautiful with a sweet, innocent look that lent itself to his very particular roleplay requirements. The gorgeous blonde escort was so slender and pretty that she looked like a doll. She wore a lacy, baby doll dress, white ankle socks and buckled shoes. She was most perfect little doll that he had ever seen. He had never been more turned on by a callgirl from a London escort agency. 'Come and sit on my lap,' he said. Sonata stood in front of him, her cheeks blushing prettily. Her long curls tumbled around her slender shoulders. The sexy blonde escort swung her slim hips and bit her bottom lip. 'I'm shy,' she said. 'I know,' he replied, patting his knee, 'Daddy will look after you.' The London escort agency callgirl walked towards him, swinging the wide skirt of her dress around her thighs, making his throat go dry. When she reached him, Sonata slid onto his lap, her neat little ass pressing against his raging erection. The hot blonde escot wriggled against him. 'There's something hard in your trousers, Daddy,' she said. 'I know, you're making it harder by wriggling your beautiful body like that,' he said. 'Do you want me to stop?' 'Yes,' he said with a barely suppressed groan, 'I want you to stop wriggling and make it soft again. Do you know how to do that?' The London escort agency girl blushed, 'Yes, Daddy,' she said, 'I know how to make the hard thing go soft. Do you mind me getting all messy though?' 'I don't mind at all,' he said, 'I'll just give you a bath afterwards. Would you like that?' Sonata's face lit up with the prettiest smile that he had ever seen. 'Oh, Daddy, I would love that,' said the sexy blonde escort as she slid to her knees between his thighs. He didn't bother to suppress his moan when her small hands released his straining erection from his trousers. His whole body shook with pleasure when the blonde escort's sensual lips closed around his hard cock. The tongue of the London escort agency callgirl caressed his shaft whilst she sucked him off with exquisite expertise. His own little doll, giving him OWO. She was perfect, the scenario was perfect. His hips began to judder as pressure built in his groin, the pre-climatic ecstasy swelling towards his eruption. With a loud pop, Sonata released her oral grip on his dick and pumped his slippery shaft with her delicate hands. A loud cry burst from his throat and spunk splattered all over the face of the sexy blonde escort. Her hand continued to fly up and down his shaft, using his cum as extra lubricant. Spurt after spurt splashed across her until she had pumped him dry. 'Good girl,' he said, 'Daddy is very pleased with you.' Sonata smiled through her white facial. 'Bathtime?' she playfully asked.


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