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Rihanna Blonde Call Girl in Slutty Nun OWO

The blonde escort girl knelt with her hands pressed together in prayer, her head lowered. Her full lips moved in silent prayer. A wimple covered most of her hair, although blonde tendrils were artfully arranged around her beautiful face. The nun's habit that she wore was short, showing off her slim legs encased in black stockings and suspenders. What's more, it was so low cut that it was impossible to miss the rise and fall of her ample cleavage. A pair of black stilettos added to the non-regulation nun outfit and a rosary bead necklace hanging between Rihanna's large breasts completed the overtly sexy look. It was so perfectly irreverent and the OWO escort was so incredibly sexy that he could hardly stand for the strength of his erection. 'Sister Innocenta,' he said in a stern voice, 'What do you think you're doing?' The hot blonde escort raised her knowing eyes and ran her tongue along those tantalising lips. 'I am praying for strength, Father.' 'Strength?' 'Yes, I am praying for the strength to restrain myself from doing wicked things to your mortal body.' Rihanna gave his groin a suggestive look. He groaned and walked over to where she knelt. With a swift movement he pulled the wimple from her head. Long blonde hair tumbled around her shoulders. 'You are not fit to wear this,' he said. 'I am weak, Father,' she said as her hand reached between the folds of his robe. Her soft hands found his hard cock and he took a step closer. 'You are a wicked child,' he said. 'My punishment should be long and hard,' murmured the slutty nun escort as she slid his cock into her hot mouth. He couldn't take his eyes off the blonde escort's mouth. Never before had he seen lips so perfectly formed for sin as hers were. He moaned and stroked the top of her head. 'Forgiveness is coming,' he said, 'The Mother Superior doesn't need to hear about this.' He began to fuck her face, pushing his rigid cock down her throat, watching her fight the gag reflex. Never before had he received such skilled OWO. His breath came in short gasps and his legs trembled. The slutty nun sucked faster, her cleavage bouncing with each movement of her sexy body. Suddenly he tugged on her hair and held her face hard against him, his dick in her throat. Spunk pumped through his cock. The sheer force of it meant that the sexy blonde escort struggled to swallow, causing it to trickle from the corners of her mouth. When he was done, he released her. She sat back, breathing hard. Looking up at him, she licked the cum from her chin and gave him a wicked smile. 'Thank you for your blessing, Father,' she said. Angels of London - For the best girls to book in London


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