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Barbie The Blonde Escort in Toy Fun

The blonde London escort looked so adorable curled up on the armchair. Barbie's shoulder length blonde hair was pinned back with silver clips, which better revealed her beautiful face. Her naked body was artfully arranged to give him just a tantalising glimpse of her most intimate parts. The London escort girl gave him a smile that melted his heart. 'I have a gift for you,' he said. Barbie sat up straight, her eyes bright with interest. He found himself staring at the blonde escort's gorgeous breasts that had been revealed by her sudden change of position. They were large and firm, bouncing with a natural sway in response to the blonde escort's movement. He handed the neatly wrapped parcel to her. The joy on the sexy young escort's face was almost reward enough! Barbie tore away the wrapping paper and looked in wonder at the white box. The Bayswater escort carefully lifted the lid and her beautiful eyes widened. The corners of her sensual lips twitched and she looked at him. 'You are such a naughty boy,' she said. He grinned, unable to contain his excitement. With reverence, Barbie removed the items. The European blonde escort placed two soft clamps on her nipples, giving a little shiver as they gently bit on the sensitive flesh. A large silver bullet shaped item was next. She sucked on it while keeping her eyes on him. She loved watching his response to such things and simulated OWO would definitely be a turn on. He felt his eyelids get heavy with desire, his breathing get slow and heavy and his cock harden in his pants. Barbie opened her shapely thighs and slid the silver bullet into her tight pussy. He couldn't hold back a lustful groan. With a knowing smile, the young blonde escort handed him the remote control. 'I'm all yours,' she said. His heart hammered with anticipation. He turned a dial just one notch and his dick jumped when he saw Barbie start and gasp in response. 'Which nipple was that?' he asked. 'This one,' she said, pointing to her right nipple. Now he knew, which dial would send the vibrating electrical pulses to which part he was able to play with earnest. Gradually, he added stimulation to her other nipple, to the blonde escort's pussy. He increased the intensity with each turn of the dial, watching the beautiful escort writhe in ecstasy in the arm chair. Her slim curves twisted, her muscles trembled and she cried out as orgasm after orgasm ran riot through her sexy body. 'Take it out of your pussy and press it against your clit,' he said. Barbie followed his instructions. He turned the dial up to its highest setting and she gasped. The beautiful blonde escort's breasts bounced and her toned stomach muscles clenched. Her supple body twisted and shuddered at the strength of the orgasm that powered through. In that moment she looked more beautiful, more erotic than any other woman. He stripped off his clothes and knelt on the floor in front of the armchair. Her juddering legs were on either side of him, her soft thighs shaking against his body. Gently he removed the nipple clamps, kissing her full breasts as he did so. He took the silver bullet from her shivering hand and watched as her breathing calmed and the focus returned to her eyes. His blonde escort smiled at him and he brushed her blonde hair away from her face. Leaning forward, he sighed with pleasure when his hard dick slid inside her soaking wet pussy. Barbie wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply. Her hips lifted towards him which allowed him to be deeper inside her. 'Thank you,' she whispered.


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