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Bisexual Redhead Call Girl Pleasures Mature Couple

For Roxy, of the great things about being a London escort girl was that each date was wonderfully unique. Yesterday the bisexual redhead had been a submissive escort and had been fucked doggystyle which was one of her favourite positions. Now she was with a mature couple who wanted to spice up their sex life! The bisexual redhead returned the kiss of Karen who was also stark naked on the bed. Jonathan was watching from the chair next to the bed, jerking his cock back and forth as he watched the erotic scene before him. The two women’s lips were locked, tongues swirling around in a sensual French kiss. The enthusiasm of Karen had taken Roxy by surprise. Clients were usually a little nervous to begin with but Karen had clearly wanted this for a long time. The mature woman’s hands were on the bisexual redhead’s breasts, squeezing them as they continued to kiss. Keen to surprise her in return, Roxy’s hand drifted down to Karen’s mature pussy and brushed it lightly. Karen moaned into the kiss, clearly enjoying the attention Roxy was now paying to her cunt. All the while, Jonathan continued to wank his shaft, sweat forming on his brow in the midst of his effort and sheer excitement. Karen broke off from the kiss to duck her head and place her lips on one of Roxy’s exquisite breasts. The mature woman began to suck and the bisexual redhead moaned softly. It wasn’t long before both women were fingering each other. They were both very wet and it was clear that the bisexual redhead and her mature client were ready for fucking. Was Jonathan ready to give it to them? Roxy and Karen positioned themselves appropriately. Lying on their backs with legs raised, they watched as Jonathan stood up and made his way over to them, still jerking his dick. But who would the mature man fuck first? Would it be the bisexual redhead or his loving wife? Keen to try a new pussy, he shoved his cock inside Roxy who groaned in appreciation. A true professional, she reached out to play with Karen’s clit so that she wouldn’t feel left out. As it was, Karen found it a huge turn on to see her husband fucking a younger, sexier woman. Jonathan’s eyes had widened in surprise. Roxy was just so tight, so wet – it was heaven. The bisexual redhead was getting louder as Jonathan increased his tempo, fucking her harder, faster. Roxy’s breasts bounced back and forth with the rhythm and her pussy dripped juices of excitement. But the real treat was to be for his wife. Sliding out of Roxy, Jonathan took a step to the side and slid inside his wife. She wasn’t as tight, yet she was familiar. He had pummelled her pussy so many times over the years and it had never got old. Karen was now begging Jonathan for his cum, imploring him to fill her up to the brim. Roxy issued some words of encouragment, leaning over Karen and allowing the mature woman to suck on her breasts once again. Jonathan grunted and his wife knew that he was close. He was trying to hold back, keen to let the pleasure last longer. But the pressure was building up in his balls and he could resist no longer. He came hard and fast, the cum like a bolt of electricity. Karen received it like a pro, pressing her pussy hard against his shaft, keen to receive every single drop. The bisexual redhead smiled at the knowledge that she had provided sexual satisfation yet again.


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