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Escort in Leopard Bikini Gets Oral Ecstasy

The bikini escort looked stunning in her leopard print bikini. Two triangles of material barely covered her pert breasts while the material between her shapely thighs left little to the imagination. He watched her as she stretched her slim and sensual body in the hot sun and he was overcome with desire for the young escort. Kneeling down on the warm ground at the foot of her sun lounger, he gently pushed her legs apart. The scent of her sunwarmed pussy filled his nostrils and inflamed his lust. He ripped the flimsy string waistband on her bikini panties and she gasped. With the bikini escort's pussy fully exposed to him, he pushed his face into the warm, damp folds; breathing her in, tasting her sex. Kelly groaned and writhed beneath the touch of his tongue, her smooth thighs stroked his face and her dainty feet rested on his lower back. The London escort girl tasted incredible. She was getting really wet and his tongue splashed in her pussy juices. Kelly's body twisted as the hot sun beat down on their bodies. The scent, the sound and the sight of her was so incredible. 'Oh, yes,' groaned the sexy bikini escort, 'That's so good.' His tongue detected a tremble in the inner walls of her pussy. He moved back to her clit, his face soaked with her pussy juices. Using the tip of his tongue he went to work on the sensitive button, driving her towards oblivion. The bikini escort was crying out, her whole body shuddering and writhing. Orgasms rolled through her body under the relentless attention of his tongue. Knowing that she was deep within a tsunami of euphoria, he slid along her body and thrust his cock inside her convulsing pussy. She groaned and responded, lifting her hips and wrapping her legs around him. 'Fuck me,' she begged, 'I need you to fuck me hard.' He didn't need much encouragement. His oral attentions had driven him to the peak of desire. He thrust his cock deep inside the sexy escort and her hips thrust back. The young bikini escort kissed his face, clearly enjoying the taste of her own sex on his moist lips. His mouth found hers and they French kissed, exploring each other's mouths. All the while Kelly shuddered her way through the rolling orgasms that his oral play had set off. She was so sexy, so sensual and her body felt so very good beneath him. They fucked until the sun went down.


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