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Beautiful escort let me film while i fucked her

My beautiful escort had just arrived, I had asked her prior if it would be okay to film our session and she was more than willing to go the extra mile to make me happy. I had placed cameras around my bedroom, to either sides of the bed and to the ceiling, I didn’t want to miss a thing. I wanted to see myself fucking this goddess from every angle possible and the thought of it being filmed aroused me beyond belief. She lay there on my bed in her sexy two- piece lingerie set with her legs crossed as I went and switched all the cameras on ready for our session. Once I had done switching them on, I walked over to her confidently and planted a kiss on her beautiful smooth lips. She grabbed my dick through my boxers, I was already hard from the thought of filming us and when she grabbed my dick suddenly, I thought I was going to cum there and then. Her hands stroked my legs and she teased her way up my thighs and reached inside my boxers, fondling with the bare skin of my dick and yanking me. She pulled my cock out and placed it straight into her sweet mouth, her tongue swirled around the tip and licked up and down the stem in a gentle sweet rhythm that was driving me wild with need. Suddenly she gave a big lick and shoved my dick straight to the back of her throat so that she was swallowing my cock. She sucked on me harder and harder and I was nearly ready to burst already. I slipped my hands up to her breasts and under her bra, fondling with her hard-pink nipples as she continued to gag on my hard dick. My dick was soaking wet, it was covered in her saliva and I knew I had to fuck her. Pulling her up I bent her over the bed so that her arse was in the air in full view of the camera, she was still wearing her little thong and I pushed it to the side so that I could lick her soft shaven pussy. My tongue dipped in and out of her as she moaned in delight and she bucked her arse back against me so that it filled her pussy completely. I slapped her hard on the arse and ripped her little panties from her body, the fabric was flimsy, and it easily tore as I threw it to the floor like a starved animal. I delved back inside her pussy, shoving my tongue inside her hard and using my fingers to rub her perky little clit. She was moaning loudly, and I dragged the juices from her pussy to her tight arse hole so that it would lubricate it ready for my fingers. Soon my tongue was in her pussy as my finger fucked her tiny arse hole repeatedly until she came all over my face for the camera. I was covered in her juices and I was loving every second of her neediness. After she came, she went wild, she pushed me off her and lay me back on the bed. She mounted my body and slammed her pussy straight down onto my bulging erection. She started to move quickly, her big breasts were bouncing in the air as she pounded my dick hard. Her pussy felt so tight as she slid it up and down my cock, she leant back so that her titties were on full view of the camera above us. Her moans got louder and louder and she was driving me over the edge with desire. She suddenly stood up and mounted me backwards so that her little arse bounced up and down in front of my face as she fucked me hard. I knew I was going to spunk my load straight inside her. I grabbed on to her hips tight as she moved harder and faster on top of me. She screamed out that she wanted me to cum inside her pussy. I obeyed her and soon my hot spunk was spirting straight up inside her little cunt. My dick spasmed with orgasm as I filled her body and she started to orgasm again. She threw her head back as she came all over me, I knew that her face would be ready for me to watch on film later and I couldn’t get enough of how erotic she was being. I’d just cum inside a beautiful sexy goddess and I had it all on camera, the night was far from over there were still plenty of angles I wanted to catch her in. My beautiful escort was more than willing to oblige. We spent the entire night fucking in every position imaginable, I couldn’t wait to watch it all back on camera, I would have wanking material for an eternity and if that wasn’t enough, I could always hire myself another sexy escort, the possibilities were endless. I was going to make my own seedy little collection of the girls I’d fucked and what was better was that they would thrive from it and it give me the best fucks ever!


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