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Asian Outcall in Oxford Street (Part 1)

As the Asian outcall escort made the short walk down the street, she turned heads left, right and centre. It wasn’t often that people got the opportunity to see an Asian escort in the flesh, dressed in an erotic school uniform outfit. Suki smiled to herself, pleased to have the attention. It was no wonder so many eyes were on her as she made her way to the Oxford Street outcall apartment of her next client. She knew only two things about the man: his name was Tom and he’d asked her to wear that particular outfit. The school uniform of the Asian outcall was a little tight-fitting. It consisted of a dark green skirt, a white shirt and a matching dark green blazer. While Suki was a petite Asian, the school outfit was a little too small for her. Thus, her perky tits were pressed tight against the white shirt while the skirt was a little too short and revealed the soft flesh of her thighs. There was just enough to revealed for it to be a turn-on, enough hidden for there to be some mystery. As she approached the Oxford Street outcall apartment, she hiked up her skirt a little more. Confidently, she pushed the buzzer to his top-floor flat. Tom’s enthusiasm was obvious as he answered the buzzer in a matter of seconds. “Yes?” he answered somewhat nervously. “It’s me, Suki”, replied the Asian outcall escort with confidence. The buzzer sounded and she entered the Oxford Street outcall apartment before ascending the stairs. As the Asian outcall climbed the stairs, she began to wonder what sort of kinky fun lay in store for her. On arriving at the outcall client’s door, she found him standing in the doorway. He was tall but quite thin. His appearance was that of an academic. His jaw dropped as he saw Suki. Her schoolgirl outfit was clearly exactly as he’d asked for. Suddenly, Tom’s expression changed to one of anger. “You’re late!” he exclaimed, surprising Suki with his sudden mood change. But being the intelligent Asian outcall escort that she was, she knew what he was up to. “I’m sorry sir, it wasn’t intentional”, she whispered. Tom raised his eyebrows and sighed, “Well, you’re here now. But don’t think that this will go without punishment”, he warned. Of course, being a professional Asian outcall escort, Suki knew that she hadn’t arrived late – Tom knew it too. It was all part of the erotic roleplay that was to come. With his permission, Suki entered the Oxford Street outcall apartment. It was spacious, modern and minimalist. But the petite Asian didn’t have much time to admire the flat; such was Tom’s enthusiasm to get down to business. “Suki, the reason I’ve called you here is because I’ve been very disappointed by your performance in school of late.” Suki, almost smiled but managed to compose herself. “Oh, I’m so sorry sir. I just find it so hard to concentrate in class.” Tom, clearly not satisfied with this answer, pressed the girl further: “And why not? What’s distracting you so much that you’re failing most of your classes?” Tom had sat down at his desk and beckoned Suki towards it. The Asian outcall escort stood in front of him, twirling her hair and wiggling her hips as if impatient. “I just get so horny in class” she moaned. “I know I’m a bad girl but I just can’t help it.” Her outcall client’s resolve was tested by this sudden flirtation. However, his brow once again furrowed and he sighed, unsympathetically. “We can’t have that in my school. As headmaster, you know that I have very high standards. You’ll have to be punished for your insolence.” “But sir…” began the Asian outcall girl. “Bend over the desk right now, young lady” ordered Tom. The petite Asian did what she was told. Tom walked around the table and folded up the back of her skirt, exposing her white cotton panties. Suki gasped and exclaimed “Sir, what are you doing?!” “I’m punishing you. Perhaps after this, you will reconsider being ‘horny’ in class”, said Tom. With that, he pulled down her underwear, exposing her small ass. Grabbing a ruler from the desk, he struck her bare bottom. The petite Asian callgirl was bent over the desk, her school skirt hiked up and her white cotton panties pulled down. Her little ass was slightly pink after Tom had struck it with a ruler from his office table. “I’m sorry, sir!” whimpered Suki, her ass quivering. The outcall client struck her rear again, the ruler making a slapping sound as it made contact. “This will teach you to be distracted in class”, said Tom as he struck the Asian outcall escort’s bottom another time. She couldn’t contain herself any longer – she was horny by nature. “I’ll do anything! Anything you want!” This panicked answer seemed to satisfy her VIP client who placed the ruler gently on the table. Suki, still bent over, felt him press up against her and squeeze her petite ass. With a sigh Tom began to undress. The petite Asian tried to turn around to help him but he motioned her to stay bent over the desk. “I’ll have to fuck the horniness out of you”, said Tom much to the surprise of his Asian outcall escort. She could feel her pussy getting wet at the thought of being fucked by this academic – maybe he could teach her a thing or two! Suki moaned, “Yes sir. If you think that’s best.” Still bent over her outcall client’s desk, the petite Asian still hadn’t seen his dick. She felt it first, as he slowly slid himself inside her. They moaned in unison as she began to rhythmically bounce on his cock as the table shook with their efforts. Suki paused to pull up her the jersey of her schoolgirl outfit and pull down her bra, exposing her petite Asian tits. Her nipples were rock hard and it certainly wasn’t cold. She could feel that although it didn’t have huge girth, her outcall client’s penis was long. The Asian outcall escort loved being deeply penetrated. Tom grabbed her hips and began to pull her down onto his cock with increasing ferocity. Her perky breasts bounced and the table creaked as they both groaned in exertion. She could feel Tom’s scrotum slapping her, and she smiled as she imagined how much cum he had stored. But Tom had other ideas and decided to change sex positions: “I’m going to sit on this chair and I want you to sit on my dick. I’m not done punishing you”, he said in between heavy breaths. “Yes sir” gasped Suki as she obediently walked over to her outcall client who had sat in the desk chair. The Asian outcall lifted one leg up as she climbed atop him, before slowly dropping down on his manhood. The petite Asian squealed with delight at how tight it felt inside her snatch. “Don’t go getting too happy”, warned headmaster Tom. “Remember that this is a punishment for your excessive horniness. With any luck it will cure you and you can concentrate in class”. The Asian outcall escort nodded quietly and began bouncing on his penis with a greater tempo. Her pussy slapped against him, its juices running down his shaft and onto his balls. Tom had begun to breathe heavier. Being the professional Asian call girl that she was, Suki knew exactly what that meant. While gyrating on his cock, she leant forwards and slid her tongue into his mouth. It was spontaneous and that was what made his balls tighten. As the Asian outcall girl continued to tease his tongue with hers, and slide her soaking wet pussy up and down on his dick her Oxford Street outcall client began to tense. “Are you ready to receive the final part of your punishment?” he gasped. “Yes. Give it to me. I’ve been such a naughty, naughty girl” squealed Suki. Suddenly, she felt a sudden warm rush as he drained his balls inside her. The cum filled her pussy and overflowed, as Tom twitched in ecstasy. Her petite Asian body glistening with pearls of Sweat, Suki made a mock-serious face; “I’ll be good from now on sir, I promise”. For some reason, Tom didn’t quite believe that. They both had a feeling they’d be seeing each other for another outcall in Oxford Street very soon.


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