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Call Girl on Holidays

Anisa found that one of the best things about being an escort girl in London was the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally. She had only been working for the top London escort agency for a couple of months when she got a call from her boss. Anisa was told that one of her former incall clients had enjoyed his experience so much that he wanted to take the young Asian escort on holiday with him. Within 24 hours Anisa found herself in a large suite in a luxury golf resort on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Nevada - a long, long way from her incall flat in Marylebone! She and Dave had just arrived. Having taken a shower the sexy Asian escort was lying on the huge bed in her robe. The cute young escort rolled on to her side to admire the fantastic view of the lake, forest and mountains that she could see out out of the across the balcony of their suite. Dave had promised to teach her how to play golf, and also to take her hiking in the mountains and sailing on the lake. The young Asian callgirl was was going to spend 10 days on holiday with her favourite client and she couldn't be happier. One thing that was making her particularly excited was the fact that she was going to spend 10 solid days having great sex with Dave. As she lay on the bed she shut her eyes and thought back to her first ever incall appointment with him. Clients often made Anisa come - she was just that type of horny escort girl - but none had ever made her come as hard and as often as Dave. After just an hour with him she was almost worn out - and Anisa was exceptionally fit even by the standards of London Oriental escort girls. The sexy young escort girl awoke from her reverie to find Dave on the bed with her. He was naked already, and as she rolled over she found her face just inches from his long, hard erect cock. Being an experienced professional callgirl, her first instinct was to take it in her mouth. But then she remembered that Dave liked to be dominant. She looked at him, as if seeking permission. Dave smiled and nodded. A second later Anisa was gently using her long nails to tease back her client's foreskin - she felt his cock twitch and stiffen further. Then, slowly and carefully, she took just the head of his cock in her mouth. She felt the thick bulb push between her lips, and ran her tongue around it. Above her, Dave groaned as he felt his long shaft inexorably being drawn inside the hot escort girls deep, warm mouth, its sides and tip massaged by her tongue and the soft insides of her cheeks. When Anisa was confident she had got as much cock as she could take in her mouth, she formed a seal with her lips a little above Dave's scrotum, and took a long suck. Dave was in heaven, and, sexual athlete though he was, knew he couldn't hold out very long while receiving treatment like this. He toyed briefly with the idea of withdrawing from Anisa's mouth, rolling her on her back and giving her her first good fucking of their holiday - the first of many. But the cute young asian escort was doing such a great job. Her favourite client did however reach down with his right hand and undo the belt of her robe, opening it up so he could slide a hand inside. He ran it over the smooth flesh of her body, then up again until he found the soft mound of her right breast. He rubbed her nipple, squeezing it in the way he had discovered that she liked. As he had expected, the horny escort girl loved this, and responded by taking his cock even deeper into her mouth - almost to the extent of getting his balls in there too. He could feel the tip nudging the soft flesh at the back of her throat. Her head began to move faster and faster. Dave knew he was about to come - and so did Anisa. The young Oriental escort gave three quick sucks before one long one, and at the end of the final suck Dave groaned. His cock twitched, filling her mouth with salty cum which she greedily gulped down. Dave was in heaven - his orgasm was so strong that he worried the volume of cum would be too great for the horny young escort to swallow. He needn't have worried, though, because she took it all down. Anisa the sexy callgirl looked up at her client and licked her lips. She was hoping for a few more generous loads like that over the coming days.


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