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Anal Student Call Girl Cindy Gets Top Marks

The anal student escort sucked seductively on her lollipop. Sexy Cindy was dressed as a student escort. She had a short tartan skirt, over-the-knee stockings  and a white shirt that was open at the neck and tied in a knot ove her toned stomach. A red school tie was worn as a belt around her neat waist. She loved schoolgirl roleplay and acting innocent in her tiny student uniform. But underneath her outfit her body was very much that of a real woman. Still sucking her lollipop, she put one knee on the chair and bent forward. She looked over her shoulder at him, her eyes burning with desire. 'You're not wearing any panties,' he said, his voice gruff with lust. The anal student escort's eyes widened with mock surprise. 'Really? I'm such a bad girl. That is against the school rules.' 'You will need to be punished,' he said, getting up and moving across the room. Cindy flushed with excitement. 'It's what a bad girl deserves,' said the anal student escort. He reached her and slid his strong, masculine hand up the inside of her bare thighs. The skin was so soft and smooth. He flipped her skirt up to expose her naked ass cheeks. Unable to contain a gasp of appreciation, her ran his hand over the firm rounded flesh. Cindy trembled beneath his touch. He raised a hand and brought it down with a light, stinging slap across her exposed skin. The student escort squealed with delight. 'You're not supposed to enjoy it,' he said, 'It's a punishment.' 'Sorry,' she said, biting her lip to hold back her smile. He smacked her ass again, watching as the brief red mark his hand had made faded. Cindy shivered. 'I think that you're enjoying this too much,' he said, 'I will give you a harsher punishment.' Undoing his trousers, he pulled out his cock. He spat on his hand and rubbed the lubrication over the student escort's quivering asshole. The anal naughty escort grasped the arms of the chair, bracing herself. He ran his hard cock between her pussy lips gathering more lubrication from her arousal. Pressing against the tight hole, he pushed his cock up her ass. Cindy moaned and pushed back against him, drawing him in deeper. He thrust hard, driving his dick home. 'Punish me,' gasped the anal escort. He fucked her ass deep and hard, slapping her pale cheeks with each bang of his hips. She groaned with pleasure and used her grip on the chair to push back. The anal student escort's gorgeous body took its punishment and he watched her climax take her. The grip on his cock tightened as she came and he too followed her into orgasmic ecstasy. Ecstatic pleasure consumed him, making his toes curl and his legs buckle. When he finally caught his breath, he gave her beautiful ass a final slap. 'Top marks,' he said, 'You passed your A-levels with top marks.' Angels of London - For the hottest call girls to book in London


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