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A-level Reflection

The hot London call girl looked incredible. From the moment he had laid eyes on her, he had been longing for anal with her. Her wit and charm had only increased his ardour, her laughter and youthful energy augmented his desire. Now, at last, they were alone. He had set things up exactly the way he wanted them. A chair was positioned in front of a full-length mirror. Anca was wearing white stockings and matching white high heels. Other than that, escort with blonde hair was completely naked. With such a vision before him he was finding it difficult to focus. Her body was even sexier than he had imagined. She had the whole package: long legs, a slim waist, full breasts, a pert ass and skin so smooth and soft that he could caress it for hours. His anal London escort was out of this world. As if sensing his lust, she walked towards him. His eyes watched her front as she approached him. At the same time, he was able to see her from behind through the mirror's reflection. The view of her ass made his mouth dry. She took his hands and gently kissed him. 'I want you,' she said while looking into his eyes, 'I have been looking forward to anal all evening.' She kissed him again and all of his nerves were forgotten. His hands traced her gentle curves and his erection bobbed against her warm, soft thighs. Reaching for those amazing breasts of hers, he heard a little gasp followed by a groan as his fingers found her nipples. She pressed closer to him and his cock slid between her legs, her young body touching his. He kissed her passionately, his hands moving around to her sexy ass - the most erotic sight of all. He squeezed the firm flesh and spread her ass cheeks, watching over her shoulder in the mirror. Her tight asshole winked at him and he moaned. 'I want to fuck your ass,' he murmured. 'Good. I love anal sex,' she murmured back. He took her hand and led her to the chair, making sure she was positioned side-on to the mirror. She was then bent over the back of the chair before he took a small tube of lube. Anca sighed. Little tremors of excitement were visible all over her erotic slim body. He squeezed the cool liquid onto his hand and slid it between her ass cheeks, working it into her asshole. The anal escort from Eastern Europe moaned at his touch and pushed back against his finger. He smiled at her enthusiasm. Pressing his cock against the tight hole, he grasped her beautiful blonde hair and slowly entered her exquisite body - it felt so good! She had such a firm grip on his cock, the smooth skin of her ass cheeks spread for his pleasure, her soft hair in his hands. He looked to the side as he thrust, watching the mirror as his cock slid in and out of her ass. The look of ecstasy on her beautiful face and the swing of her large firm breasts as they hung over the chair was an incredibly erotic sight. Her hips moved to his rhythm and with each thrust he slid deeper inside her forbidden hole. Anca gasped and groaned while her legs trembled. Her client felt her pussy tightening, pressing down on his cock as he fucked her ass. All the while he watched in the mirror. He had the best view of the moment when the busty escort's climax claimed her. First her legs buckled, and then he felt her pussy pound against his thrusting cock through the thin wall of sensitive flesh. One hand still in her hair, he pulled her upright whilst the other hand grasped her wonderful breasts. Watching in the mirror, he came. Heart thumping waves of pleasure pushed his spunk deep inside the beautiful escort's body. She shuddered as his climax joined forces with hers. They rocked together in trembling ecstasy - their anal pleasure reflected back at them in the mirror.


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