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Anal Exam from Hot Nurse Call Girl

The nurse escort bent him over the examination table. He loved anal play and Kennice knew exactly what he liked best. Her long legs were encased in smooth white stockings whilst she balanced on white high heels. The busty escort's short white nurse's uniform barely reached her round ass cheeks and its tight fit revealed her erotic, feminine curves. He always appreciated the way that she left the top two buttons of her nurse outfit undone. That way he could feast his eyes on her deep cleavage as she worked her way around his body. His torso was naked. The South Kensington call girl had already given his sensitive nipples a thorough going over. His bare forearms rested on the cool leather of the examination table while his legs trembled with the intensity of his arousal. Well manicured hands reached around his waist and undid his belt. He could feel his nurse escort's long hair against his back. Agile fingers unzipped his fly and pushed his trousers and boxers down to the floor. Her slender body leant over him, her large breasts unmistakable even through the fabric of her nurse's uniform. That incredible body pressed against his. 'Time for your anal exam,' she murmured. His and his cock leapt to attention. The hot nurse escort unfolded her body from around his and walked around the examination table. He watched her long legs move on those high heels and salivated at the glimpse of her ass that flashed before him with each step. Kennice reached an aluminium trolley and opened a small fridge that buzzed quietly on its surface. She snapped on a pair of white latex gloves. He moaned in anticipation, enjoying the familiar ritual. She removed two items from the fridge and walked back across the room. Ice cold gel slid between his hot ass cheeks, making him jump even though he was expecting it. 'This is going to be a little cold,' said the nurse escort, 'I hope you don't mind.' He gasped as cold metal pressed against his asshole. The sexy Estonian London escort knew perfectly well that he didn't mind - quite the contrary - the colder the better. 'Open wide,' she said before pushing the anal probe up his ass. He swayed and bit his lip. The cold metal in his hot, sensitive hole sent waves of euphoria through his body. 'That's it. Gentle movements.' His hips moved against the metal probe. Groans and gasps escaped his lips with each exquisite anal thrust. A latex covered hand reached around to his cock. The glove was smothered in the cold gel. He cried out and gripped the edge of the examination table. His breath was now short and fast. Kennice began to wank him. Cold slippery latex shot back and forth along the length of his rigid dick. All the while, the nurse escort fucked his ass with the icy anal probe. His nipples tingled and his knees buckled. With a hard jerk, the first gush of cum splashed on to the office floor. He gasped and took in a sharp intake of breath. Another spurt of spunk mixed with the cold gel and added lubrication to the beautiful London escort's wanking hand. Again he shot his load, spattering white sperm onto the examination table. When his legs finally gave way, Kennice was ready to catch him. She gently manoeuvred his shaking body onto the table and lay him down. As he lay trembling and jerking in a post orgasmic haze, she leant over him. The sexy nurse escort's wonderful breasts closed around his face and she kissed him on the forehead. 'You'll be pleased to hear that you have passed your anal exam and everything is in perfect working order,' she said.


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