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The Blonde London Anal Escort Vicky

Vicky was the sort of escort who was always popular with her London escort agency's clients. She was cute and curvy escort with short blonde hair, rosy cheeks and a warm, friendly smile. Her relaxed disposition and sunny, friendly nature made her a very popular escort girl. She was also known as one of the very naughtiest girls in the London escort business; a kinky and sexy young minx who was willing to do almost anything to please her clients on incall and outcall appointments. Her particular favourite activity was anal sex, and the cute blonde escort was highly prized by regular clients who enjoyed taking a sexy young call girl up the arse. One of the reasons Vicky was so popular as an anal escort was the size of cock she could take. Most escort girls offering anal sex in London made some pretty strict stipulations about the maximum length and girth they were prepared to take up their tight and sensitive back passages. Vicky, however, had been blessed with a particularly capacious bum, and took extreme pleasure in taking the longest and hardest cocks London had to offer. Her favourite client was a guy called Dan. He was a sexy PR executive with a flat in the West End, who often booked her for an outcall appointment on Friday lunchtime. It was the perfect way for him to wind down for the weekend. This particular day, Vicky found herself climbing the stairs and really looking forward to the good arse fucking she was about to receive. She was wearing a smart business blouse and jacket and a cute short skirt. Naturally, she hadn't bothered with any knickers. Being the perfect professional, she'd also pre-lubed her anus so that Dan could bend her over and slip his long schlong into her arsehole virtually the minute she walked into his London apartment. It was a good job that the escort had had the foresight to prepare herself, because anal sex is exactly what her client proceeded to do. Dan was a handsome and hunky guy, but he had a very high sex drive, and as soon as the cute and sexy young London escort's high heels clattered through his doorway, he was ready to fuck her. As soon as she was through the door Dan planted a smacker on lips, grabbed her by the hand and pulled her across the room. Slightly unsteady on her high heels, Vicky tottered after him, only to find herself being bent over the back of a large leather sofa. Within seconds she felt Dan's hands running up and down her thighs, gently lifting her skirt. The sexy young London escort's pussy, already slightly moist, began to fill with lovely wetness as she felt his hands move closer to her arse and snatch. But she knew that sex in her pussy and maybe, if she was lucky, a hot OWO experience would follow later in the outcall date. Right now the young escort's main job was to lie still and brace herself as her escort agency's client fucked her hard up the bum with his long cock. To Vicky's mind, the very best part about anal sex was the initial penetration. She loved the feeling as the tip of a long thick cock probed the opening to her arse and popped inside. Dan had a particularly wide and bulbous glans, and he'd applied a lot of lube to it. She shivered as she felt it against her anus and drew her breath in sharply as he applied a little thrusting pressure and it popped inside her. It wasn't often he got the chance to fuck a cute young teenager like Vicky up the arse - most of them couldn't cope with his eight inch length and impressive girth. As such, he always ensured he made the most of the experience when the chance came along. Applying slight pressure, Dan began to slide his long cock deep into the cute young London escort's arse, feeling the warm, tight depths expand as he went in, and appreciating the site of her arse cheeks spreading as he drove his cock inside. Vicky, for her part, loved the sensation. It was always slight alarming to take such a mighty piece of meat up her ass, but it was incredibly erotic too. The escort shuffled and wiggled her rear end, encouraging her outcall client to give her the full length of his massive cock. Dan was only too happy to oblige. Once he was all the way in he began to thrust hard. He knew that Vicky was a robust girl who could easily take a hard ass pounding. The young London escort girl squirmed and squealed as he pounded her hard. Dan began to get a good thrust going, and before long he was on the verge of shooting his load. He pumped hard, and the sexy blonde incall and outcall escort felt the tip of his cock probing the very deepest depths of her arse. After a few moments he grunted and came, shooting a hot load of spunk deep into the escort's perfect arse. Vicky let him slide out and catch his breath. When he recovered he'd be able to try out her pussy.


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