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A-level Call Girl on Top Form

Catherine loved anal sex. Being a part of the best escort agency in London gave the anal escort the opportunity to indulge her anal yearnings on a regular basis. Her date lay beneath her. He had taken her for dinner and they had talked about so many interesting things. As always, she had found the conversation easy, the more they had talked the hornier she had become. At last, she had him naked beneath her stunning body. His cock was hard as a rock. The Bayswater call girl squatted above him, her long legs spread wide so that he had a clear view of her pussy and asshole. She knew that he would be able to see her arousal glistening on her cunt. His cock also glistened thanks to the lube that she had smothered on it during a sensual massage just moments before. 'Are you ready?' she asked. He nodded, his expression eager. She loved taking anal virginity, showing anal virgins the pleasures of that forbidden hole. Slowly, the beautiful anal escort lowered her fabulous body, balancing on her high heels. She grasped the base of his dick with one hand and pressed her asshole against the tip. Her perfect ass bounced a little as she applied gentle pressure. Her flesh gradually yielded and Catherine watched the look of wonder on his face as his cock slowly disappeared into her tight ass. The anal call girl paused for a moment and then pushed down again, taking his cock past the final barrier and burying it to the hilt. Her date cried out. 'Fuck,' he said, 'It's so tight!' The Bayswater sexy escort smiled and gyrated her curvaceous hips. He moaned. She touched a finger to her swollen clit and sighed with ecstasy. Little groans escaped her slender throat as she began to fuck him with her ass. The thrusts became deeper and all the while he watched in wonder. His hands thumped against the mattress and his body twisted beneath her as his hard dick slide in and out of her exquisite body. 'I'm not going to be able to hold back much longer,' he gasped. 'You go when you're ready, baby,' she said, 'I'm ready to blow any time.' Her body hovered on the edge of an anal orgasm. The sexy young escort's breasts tingled with the stimulation that shot from her ass and her clit and consumed every erogenous zone. Suddenly his hips thrust, lifting him towards her. The movement drove him deeper inside her as he expelled the cum from his engorged balls. He cried out with each spurt of spunk. Catherine let go of her control and dropped her hips. Her pussy contracted hard drawing the last drops of cum from her date, squeezing her ass into an even tighter fuck hole. He cried out again with his balls wrung dry. As the anal escort relaxed and open her eyes, she was pleased with the expression on her date's face. He would definitely be asking for anal next time they met!


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