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Favourite Toy of Anal Escort Maria

Maria the sexy anal call girl was always horny. The naughty escort loved sex and simply couldn't get enough of it. She felt a constant need to be fucked, be it her pussy or her ass. When she got the opportunity she loved to have both of her holes filled at the same time. She looked sweet and innocent and enjoyed the games that the misconception allowed her to play. But when it came down to it, she was really naughty. It was a rare night off for the beautiful anal escort but that didn't mean that she wouldn't be having fun! Maria had her favourite sexy toy and some lube and planned to entertain herself. The sex toy was a huge, flexible dildo. She had bent it into a U shape and was now lying propped up on her pillows with her gorgeous legs wide open. She idly ran her manicured fingers over her swollen clit. Her other hand reached for the lube. The naughty anal escort squirted it directly onto her pussy, her sexy body squirming as the cold fluid ran over her hot pussy lips. Her fingers worked it down her slit, mixing lube with pussy juices. She then rubbed the slippery concoction around her tight asshole. Maria moaned and writhed against her touch. She picked up the double-ended dildo and added more lube to it. Lining the sex toy up so that one end hovered over her pussy and the other pressed against her asshole, she tensed her young body, ready for the double penetration. Slowly, the anal escort slid both ends inside her. Inch by inch the huge dildo filled her pussy and ass. The naughty London call girl groaned and writhed as she thrusted the dildo. Harder and faster she fucked herself. One of her hands grasped her firm breasts whilst the other slammed the double-ended sex toy up her holes. Her body trembled and shook while her legs kicked out at the building pressure in her pussy. Squeezing her breasts hard, her stomach muscles tensing, the pleasure almost too much to bear. At last the dam broke. With a satisfied yell, her orgasm raced through her sexy young body. Her pussy and ass muscles contracted so hard that they pushed the dildo out of her hot holes. She lay on her bed with her heart hammering in her chest. The young anal escort's phone rang. It was just what she needed - a last minute date for the evening. Maria was always horny.


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