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All Tied Up A-level Call Girl Layla

Bondage play with Layla was the highlight of his visits to London. He had been on several dates with the beautiful escort with blonde hair and they had built up a level of trust that allowed for some boundaries to be pushed. Last time they had met, the anal escort had been in charge. His cock jumped at the erotic memory of their sex games. For this date, it was his turn to be in control. Layla lay face down on the bed. Her shiny blonde hair was all ruffled where the blindfold was tied. She was spread-eagled, her sexy body entirely naked except for a black corset that accentuated her feminine curves. Each wrist and ankle was tied up by silk scarves to the corner posts of the bed. The beautiful anal call girl was helpless and armed only with her safe word. He took some time to admire the sight before him. Her skin was smooth and so supple and he loved her sensual, peachy ass and the shape of her inner thighs as they spread wide for his pleasure. The London anal escort's pussy shone with her arousal, a small damp patch spreading on the sheet. Her tight asshole was on full display. His dick hardened and he swayed with the rush of blood to his groin. He climbed up on to the bed behind her and ran a hand up one toned leg. The beautiful escort smiled at his touch and pushed her ass higher in the air. His hand skimmed her inner thigh and slid into her wet pussy. Layla gasped and wriggled against his intimate touch. Using her pussy juices to lubricate her asshole, he watched the tight hole pucker and tremble in anticipation. His other hand slid along her pussy, taking more of her sex juices to rub along his rigid cock. The sexy anal escort writhed against his touch as little moans rose from her throat. He knelt up between her spread thighs and pushed his cock against her slippery asshole. Rocking on his knees, he watched her hole slowly widen and welcome his sexual advances. Inch by inch, his cock disappeared into her ass. Layla pushed her ass as high as she could and thrust in unison, drawing him deeper until he was buried to the hilt inside her incredible body. 'Fuck me,' she gasped. 'Fuck me, what?' he responded sternly. 'Fuck me, Master.' 'Good girl.' He thrust in and out of her asshole, the tight grip sending shocks of pleasure through his aroused body. Layla groaned and wriggled against her bonds. 'Harder, faster... Master,' the anal escort said. He watched the side of her gorgeous face contort with the intensity of her rising climax. Faster and harder he fucked her ass. The anal escort shuddered and froze before a tremble shook her ass and her pussy was subjected to a rhythmic orgasm. He gasped at the erotic pressure and felt his own climax rise in shivering waves. With a shout, he slapped her ass - one slap for each rapturous spurt of cum that shot through his dick. They both collapsed onto the bed. 'Thank you Master,' she murmured. Angels of London - For the sexiest call girls in London


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