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A-level Call Girl Enjoys it GFE Style

The blonde London anal escort rested her head on his chest. Her long hair was soft and silky against his skin. He sighed, his body relaxed and languidly horny. Nicole's smooth thigh lay across the top of his leg, her naked pussy pressed against his waist. The London escort's lips pressed against his skin, planting kisses over his pecs, arousing him gently, sensuously. He groaned and the escort with blonde hair responded by sliding her supple body over his, straddling him. She continued to kiss him, covering his shivering skin with her lips. Her small hands found the back of his neck and slowly massaged the remains of any tension away. 'What would you like to do tonight, my lover?' the anal escort asked. He looked into the blonde escort's beautiful face and stroked her velvety cheek. 'I want to try anal with you,' he said. Nicole blushed and bit her lip. Her eyes sparkled with mischief. 'What makes you think that I'm that kind of girl?' she said. He laughed. 'The response I get every time my fingers go anywhere near that tight little asshole of yours might have been a bit of a giveaway.' 'Fair point,' she said. The sexy anal escort reached to the night stand and handed him the tube of lube. They grinned at each other, excited about what they were about to do. Nicole wriggled off his body and positioned herself on her hands and knees with her perfect ass high in the air. She looked incredible - the sexiest woman he had ever seen. His dick was so hard that it hurt. Getting to his knees, he squirted the cold lube onto the anal escort's hot asshole and was rewarded with another squeal of excitement. Whilst one hand rubbed the slippery liquid over her hole, he kissed her back, enjoying the feel of his cock between her soft thighs when he leant forward. Shivers ran down the anal escort's back. His hand found his rigid cock and he lubed it up with long strokes before pressing the tip against Nicole's trembling asshole. He saw his young anal escort grasp the sheets, bracing herself for the initial thrust. He watched the tight hole stretch to accommodate him. Slowly, he slid deeper inside her youthful body. The sight, the feel was so erotic. He groaned out loud and gripped the beautiful escort's hips. Little gasps escaped from Nicole's lips with each anal thrust. Her hips moved to his rhythm, her enthusiasm easily matching his. The overwhelming pleasure robbed him of any finesse. He pounded his hard cock up her ass, lost to desire. Little quivers began to run along his dick as Nicole's pussy responded to the ecstasy of anal sex. He heard her cry out as her small fists thumped the mattress. 'Yes,' she shouted, 'Yes, fucking yes!' Her sexy body shuddered, her pussy muscles squeezed against his thrusting dick, tightening her anal grip on him. With a primal yell, he released his climax. Pumping spurt after spurt of spunk deep into the anal escort's trembling body. Every nerve in his body tingled with euphoria. His balls squeezed out the last drop of cum and he collapsed on top of Nicole. The two of them lay in a tangled heap on the bed, gasping for air and giggling with each shiver of diminishing bliss. Angels of London - For the best quality escorts to book in London


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