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A-level Call Girl Enjoys a Facial

The anal escort with red hair stretched out on the massage table. Her slim and sexy body felt horny after the deep massage she had just received. The scent of massage oils filled her delicate nostrils. The sound of splashing water from the fountains echoed from the tiled walls. Cherry's pert breasts pressed into the thick towel that lay under her body, her toned ass jutted up providing temptation for her date. The escort girl in Paddington smiled as she heard him enter the room. His bare feet padded across the stone floor with the soft footsteps stopping at the foot of her bed. The hot anal escort could imagine him taking in the sensual curves of her young, sexy body. His dick was probably getting hard at the sight. 'Did you enjoy your massage?' he asked. The anal escort lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at him through strands of soft, red hair. Her back arched with the movement, her breasts lifting off the table and her ass pushing up. 'Yes. It was lovely. I'm so relaxed and horny now though.' She watched his cock stiffen and his tongue run over his lips. With casual elegance, the Eastern European girl allowed her thighs to move apart, giving him a view of her pussy lips. He moved closer, sliding his hands up her smooth legs, pushing her supple limbs further apart. Cherry sighed with pleasure and wriggled down the table so that her hips were on the edge. His hands spread the anal escort's pussy lips and his finger found her clit. 'You're already wet,' he said. 'I told you that I was horny,' she groaned. The beautiful escort's ass bobbed up and down as she moved against his finger. 'That makes two of us,' he said. The young anal escort watched him reach for a bottle of lubricant that sat on the tray next to the massage table. Her feet found the floor and her hands grasped the edge of the table. Cool liquid ran between her ass cheeks and her pussy contracted in anticipation. The tip of his hard dick nudged her asshole, pressing against the tight hole in gentle but insistent thrusts. With a grunt, he slid inside her. Cherry lifted her ass, allowing him to drive deeper inside her. 'Fuck. Yes,' she murmured as her hips bumped against the padded edge of the table. His hands reached round and grasped her bouncing tits. He swung against her, pounding and thrusting. The anal escort gave as good as she got - she loved anal sex. One of his hands found her clit again and began to rub it. Cherry's sexy body quivered against his touch, shocks of pleasure firing through her. She began to tremble as a powerful orgasm burst through her. The redhead anal escort was vaguely aware that she was calling out, squealing in ecstasy. Whilst she was still in the throes of passion, he pulled out of her asshole and pushed her to her knees before wanking into her beautiful face. White spunk splashed across her rosy cheeks, dripping from her chin, covering her tits and running down her flat belly. She looked up at him and grinned. He smiled back at her with his face flushed from the intensity of his climax. 'Time to get cleaned up,' he said. Angels of London - For the sexiest escorts to book in London


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