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Anal Delight for East European Call Girl Jodie

He watched as the Polish escort crawled up the bed. She had the most captivating body that he had ever seen. A slim figure that somehow managed to form deep, feminine curves. The deep cut of her waist and the flare of her hips were accentuated by each movement as she continued her feline crawl up the bed. His eyes feasted on the brunette escort's round ass. He was hypnotised by the way that her firm ass cheeks moved. Jodie reached the head board and pulled herself up into a kneeling position. Her long, brown hair hung down her back, caressing the top of her ass. The Polish escort turned her head and looked over her shoulder at him. Her expression was wanton and lustful. Who knew that a face that sweet could convey such dirty desires? She slowly slid her supple thighs apart and spread her ass cheeks with her dainty hands. 'I'm ready,' she said. He couldn't repress a lustful groan. The sight of his sexy Polish escort and what she was offering; it was almost too much for his raging libido. He crawled up the bed to where she waited. His lips pressed against each ass cheek, kissing the soft flesh and biting gently. Jodie gasped. He ran his tongue over her tight asshol and a quiver ran up the sexy young escort's thighs. Kneeling up, he pressed his naked body against hers, enjoying the feel of his hard cock sliding between her pussy lips. She was so wet and so very ready for him. His hands reached around and found her pert breasts. He kissed her neck as he held the firm globes. Jodie pushed out her ass, her need made clear. With a quick bite to her neck, he reached over to the night stand and picked up the bottle of lube. The anal escort gave a little shriek when the cool liquid hit her asshole. Jodie looked over her shoulder and watched him rub the slippery lube over her tight hole and his swollen cock. The beautiful Polish escort gave him a coy smile and he couldn't resist kissing her. Her soft lips yielded to his passion, responding with equal ardour. Throwing the tube of lube onto the floor, he grasped her slim waist with one hand and guided his erect dick into her asshole. The sexy Polish escort arched her back, pushing her behind against his tip. He pressed his body against her and felt her asshole open to him. Slowly he slid inside her sexy body. Jodie sighed with pleasure and pulled one of his arms around her, resting it against her slim, flat stomach. She rested her head on his shoulder, turning her head so that they could continue to kiss as their hips moved in unison. With each thrust he drove deeper up her ass, little gasps from her pretty mouth accompanied their ass fucking. Still with one arm wrapped around her middle, he slid his other hand over her bouncing breasts. He held her supple body against his as he banged her ass. Thrust after thrust took his dick into the tight recesses of her asshole. He could feel his heart hammering against his chest while the muscles in his thighs were beginning to quiver, taking on a life of their own. Suddenly the Polish escort screamed in ecstasy, her hands gripping the headboard. Her body began to sway and tremble against him. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!' gasped Jodie. He kept fucking her ass, driving through her orgasms that rolled into one long climax. A flush rushed up his body, drawing the spunk from his balls as they slapped against her soft thighs. With a yell he pumped euphoria into her trembling body. Every nerve tingled and jumped, the world shrank and expanded with his thundering pulse. It was so intense, so incredible. Anal sex with Jodie was the best. Angels of London - For the sexiest girls to book in London


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