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Anal Between the Sheets for Brunette Moldavian Call Girl

The soft sensual body of the Moldavian escort lay curled up against him. Ariana's silky hair caressed his chest with each rise and fall of his breath. His hand was cupped around one perfect breast - velvety skin that was just the right size to fit in his large hand. The curve of the high class London escort's fabulous ass rested against his groin, his growing erection pressing insistently against the supple flesh. Ariana wriggled sleepily and opened her eyes. 'Good morning, lover,' the Moldavian escort murmured, 'I see that you are awake.' She pressed her ass cheeks against his hard cock suggestively. He felt his lust flare. His hand squeezed her breast causing the Moldavian escort to squeal with delight. Ariana twisted her torso around and smiled her sexy smile. It was impossible to resist this beautiful woman. He kissed her passionately and she responded, opening her mouth, offering him her agile tongue. Pulling her ass tight against him, he groaned into their kiss. Sexual desire raced through his body. He knew what he wanted, what he needed from that incredible ass. For a brief second he broke away from her lips to grab the lube from the nightstand. 'Do you know what I want?' he said before kissing her irresistible lips again. 'You want to fuck my ass,' she replied between kisses. 'That's right. I want to spread those soft cheeks and drive my dick up your ass.' The Moldavian escort moaned with pleasure. 'I love anal sex. I want what you want, lover.' He slid a lube-covered palm between her ass cheeks, finding the tight hole with his finger and working the slippery fluid inside her. The sexy, young hot escort gasped and undulated her hips against his hand. He placed one last hard kiss on her soft lips and then he rolled her onto her front, pressing his masculine body on top on her feminine curves and easing shapely legs apart. Ariana lifted her round ass and spread her thighs wider. His rigid cock pushed against her slippery asshole, sliding inside the tight tunnel as her flesh gradually yielded to the pressure. 'Oh fuck,' he gasped. The anal grip was so erotic. The heat of her body swallowed his dick, holding him in slippery oblivion. Together they fucked, each thrusting as hard as the other. His hands found the Moldavian escort's waist and he used the sensual dip to hold onto. Ariana gripped the sheets, clawing at the fine cotton in response to her building ecstasy. He could feel the tremors from her pussy fluttering against his dick in her asshole. The Moldavian escort's legs kicked out before she went completely still. He could hear her panting before she cried out. Ariana's body was reduced to a writhing, erotic, orgasmic dance beneath him just as his own climax rushed through him. He repeatedly stiffened and relaxed in a continuous explosion of euphoria, pumping cum up the most fuckable ass in London.


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