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An escort tonic for Steven

Steven was a divorcee. Well, not even a divorcee really. He’d been separated for over ten years, but neither he or his wife had finalised anything. They despised each other, and neither would give way in financial matters or family/children issues, so they just went on and on with the same old routine. Neither of them had really found anyone else, except for a few mindless flings here and there. But Steven got so terribly lonely and craved female companionship. He’d been on dating sites and never had any luck. His life had become a continuous cycle of working, providing for his children, and looking at women on dating sites, hopelessly messaging them just in case one of them decided to reply. They never did. It wasn’t as though he was unattractive. He was in his late 50s, still had a reasonably full head of blonde and greying hair. He could still get it up on a good day too! So he wasn’t a bad catch for someone. He just lacked confidence above all other things. And it was this lack of confidence and his seemingly futile existence that sometimes got him very down. He couldn’t see the point in getting out of bed on some days, so he simply didn’t. He had all the signs of classic depression. And Steven wasn’t an idiot, he knew that he needed help. Even though he was raised in a generation of those who thought that depression was an indulgence, and a “cop out”. Those who believed that anyone unable to get out of bed in the morning should simply “get over it”. These days people took mental health issues far more importantly and he’d gone down the necessary avenues. He was taking steps to get help, he’d been doing it for a while. Counselling, medication etc. even yoga. It helped a little for a while, but then he’d end up drinking again for a short time and it would all go to hell. Any little bump in the road sent him flying back to these vices, these “emotional crutches,” as it were. The only thing that seemed to bring him out of these down periods was a date with an escort. He discovered London escorts purely by chance really. It was during one of those dark times. He knew they were there of course. Professional female companions had been part and parcel of London life for centuries, and it wasn’t about to change now. But he found an agency website by accident. He’d been “Googling,” as the phrase is these days, and he’d been searching literally for more dating options. Typing things like female companionship and stuff like that had brought him a bevy of London escort agencies on the screen. He’d clicked on one of them and discovered a veritable treasure trove of beautiful young women. All of them were either wearing fabulous evening dresses, their lingerie, or literally nothing at all! He spent around twenty minutes browsing one particular website, looking at the prices of all the girls and reading all about them. Whether what he read was true or not never really concerned him, but he certainly found it enticing. His first encounter had been the more memorable. He booked a Gloucester Road escort. A young woman from Romania, with a very beautiful body. She was tall, very youthful, yet not that young he later discovered. She had large breasts and a comely attitude. She was dressed up in a beautiful cocktail dress when she answered the door to him and she smiled in a genuine way, not contrived at all. He remembered everything about his encounter. They had a wonderful hour together, and after his first visit he’d been back on four more occasions. Every occasion had been following a episode of depression. This Romanian escort had been crucial to his recovery. She made him feel like he was important again. Just when everything was down, and no one seemed to give a shit whether he lived or died (at least in his unhealthy mind) this girl was there for him. It wasn’t long before he’d began talking to her about how he felt. He knew that she wasn’t really going to “connect” with him, in any real sense of the word, but she was genuinely caring and very good at listening. And this was what he needed at the time, and the reason why he continued to see escorts to this day. Steven is now much healthier in mind and body. He’s taken up with the local gym, he works hard, and now he has discovered how therapeutic London escorts can be, he plays even harder. His work/life balance is just how he wants it and he wouldn’t change a thing.


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