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An Ebony Call Girl Talks Dirty

“Get on your hands and knees and eat my pussy out”, commanded the ebony escort. Angela was hosting an incall client at her apartment in Bayswater. She had been given word by her London escort agency that Daniel loved dirty talk. Well that was exactly what he was going to get! The sexy black callgirl opened her legs to reveal her glistening wet pussy. Daniel grinned and literally licked his lips at the prospect as he lowered his head and extended his tongue. Angela felt his tongue slide between her pussy lips, gently probing and tasting her juices. “Oh fuck yes…fuck yes”, the ebony escort moaned, “make my pussy soaking wet”. She opened her legs a little wider, keen to allow James as much space as possible to do his work. The black callgirl had earned this oral attention after the magnificent blowjob she’d provided just moments before. The incall client’s tongue teased the sexy ebony escort’s clit and the busty black callgirl sighed with pleasure, pinching the nipples of her big breasts. “Slide your tongue in there and fuck me with it”, Angela gasped. Daniel did as he was told and the ebony escort began to rock her hips back and forth, as she would against a cock. His tongue was long which made it perfect for probing pussy. The black callgirl moved her hands from her big tits down to her pussy which she opened up, revealing the perfectly pink interior. She was soaking wet. It was the ebony escort who had to suggest moving on to the next stage. Her incall client had been enjoying the taste of the sexy black callgirl’s pussy so much that he was reluctant to move. “You’ve made me so wet, Daniel. Why don’t you slide that big dick of yours inside me?” asked Angela with a naughty smile. The incall client lifted his head to reveal a shiny mouth, covered in the juices of the sexy ebony escort. He was out of breath from providing the intense oral but he nodded and got into position above Angela. The busty black callgirl opened her legs a little wider and held her pussy lips open, showing Daniel what he was about to enter. The ebony escort watched as the head of her incall client’s cock was pressed against the entrance to her wet cunt. “That’s it…” Angela encouraged him, “slide your big dick deep inside me…” Inside it went, completely filling the tight wet pussy of the sexy black callgirl. Angela moaned as Daniel began to slide it back and forth, in and out. The busty ebony escort reached out and pulled him closer to her as he fucked her harder and faster. “Kiss me” said Angela and their tongues locked in a passionate kiss as their bodies rocked back and forth. Daniel broke off from the kiss to place his mouth around one of the ebony escort’s big nipples. His combined sucking and fucking made Angela want his cum even more. She knew how to make him cum hard and fast. “I want you to fuck my pussy doggystyle until you cum…can you do that for me?” asked Angela ever so politely. The incall client needed no second bidding and within seconds was sliding his hard dick into the black callgirl’s big bubble butt. He loved her ass and she knew it. He watched in fascination as the ebony escort’s big ass bounced back and forth on his dick as he fucked her, the sound of her DD tits slapping back and forth. “Cum all over my ass, Daniel. I need your fucking cum on me”, begged Angela. She heard a roar behind her as Daniel quickly pulled out and erupted, his spunk splashing all over her big ass cheeks. Dirty talk worked every time thought the ebony escort. There was no doubt that Daniel would be back for another date very soon.


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