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An Ebony Call Girl Gets DP'd

Having stripped off her clothes completely, Sasha stood in front of the bed and awaited instruction. The ebony escort had been booked for an outcall date with two male clients in Notting Hill. Not long after arriving at their Notting Hill apartment, she’d been told to strip as they wanted to get straight down to business! Needless to say, Sasha was perfectly happy to hear this. The busty black callgirl loved her job and when they told her that they planned to DP her, her pussy got very wet indeed. The chance to have one cock fill her pussy and another in her ass was just too good to turn down. Indeed, the ebony escort offered this unique service without additional charge which was pretty much unheard of among callgirls in London. Her body was spectacular. She had deliciously dangerous curves, huge breasts and a big ass that was just begging to be banged. Sasha was beckoned to the bed where one of her outcall clients had positioned himself. There he lay with his erection positively vibrating with anticipation. His cock was to receive the young black callgirl’s full ass. Spreading her legs, Sasha slowly lowered her black ass onto the white dick below. She was so tight but with a little push, the shaft slowly sank inside. The ebony escort groaned in pleasure as her ass was filled. Now it was time for her other Notting Hill client to slide inside her. Leaning back onto the man below her, she watched excitedly as the other outcall client’s cock approached her glistening wet cunt. It slowly slid inside and Sasha marvelled at the feeling of having two dicks inside her body. If only she had a third for her mouth, she thought. As the clients of the black callgirl steadily built up a rhythm, Sasha’s big breasts bounced. Moans and groans filled the room and the sound of Sasha’s ass cheeks slapping the lap below only served to encourage both men to fucker her harder and faster. Pretty soon the ebony escort was screaming in pleasure. Her body glistened with the effort of fucking two dicks. She was the best DP escort in London because she knew how to take big cocks and do so in a way that provided maximum pleasure to her clients. Sure enough, they were very close! Sasha encouraged her men, asking them to fill her to the brim. Almost without warning, the ebony escort felt a jolt as hot cum hit her ass and her pussy. She’d never had both men cum at exactly the same time before. The pleasure of having them deep inside her and feeling the hot pleasure of cum was too much for the black callgirl. Furiously rubbing her clit, Sasha sprayed her orgasm. Bliss!


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