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American Escort in a naughty outdoor escapade

I’d arrived at the apartment where my American escort was staying in my jeep, I was picking her up for a date and I told her to wear something casual as I had planned on lots of walking in the hills. When she came out of her door, she looked incredible, she was wearing tight fitted jeans that showed off her curves and some walking boots that she had managed to make sexy somehow. She wore a blue baseball cap and her blonde hair was in a pony tail coming out from the back, she looked adorable and perfect for the picnic in the fells that I had planned for us. Opening the passenger side door for her she lifted herself up into my car and looked over at me with her big innocent blue eyes. “Will I do?” she asked me sweetly. She more than did, she looked fantastic and I nearly put a stop to my plans so that I could take her back into her apartment and ravish her. The drive was just over an hour away from Mayfair, I’d been before and the views were incredible, I couldn’t wait to share them with Emily. I’d seen her before on many occasions and she was the perfect company. She was originally from Chicago and she had a sweet, sassy personality that I couldn’t get enough of. When we arrived at the destination, I leaped out of the jeep and went around to help Emily down. I lifted her out of the seat, she was light as a feather in my arms and just touching her made me feel hot and horny. I grabbed my back pack and started to lead Emily up the walking trails, it was a perfect sunny day and she looked happy and content with the plans I had made for us. About an hour into the walk I could tell Emily was struggling a little, it was all up hill and not the easiest of paths, I grabbed hold of her hand and playfully encouraged her. She was adorable and even though the heat was strong, and she had little drops of sweat, she never complained. I loved that about her, I loved her can do attitude and her determination. After another hour I decided it was time for a break and we found a secluded spot under a tree for some shade. I had prepared us some lunch and I laid out a blanket for us so that we could sit and enjoy it in the sunshine. We chatted over sandwiches and fruit and Emily was flirtatious and delighted that she had walked so far up hill, her enthusiasm was endearing, and it made me want to kiss her. I leaned over and took her face in my hands and planted a soft kiss on her juicy lips. She responded and was soon rummaging her hands through my hair and kissing me deeply. My back was leaning against a large tree and she manoeuvred herself so that she was sat on top of my lap facing me. Her kiss grew deeper and more longing and her hands softly stroked down my arms feeling the muscles beneath my clothing. Having her on top of me outside was really turning me on, she had the most incredible body and the little tied crop top that she was wearing was doing a great job of amplifying her perky cleavage. I bent my head down and started to place soft kisses along her neck and down to her breasts. She was moaning softly, and I could tell she was as turned on as I was by the situation. I buried my face further into her cleavage and subtly undid her top so that she was sat there with her bare breasts in my face. I took a nipple and nibbled on it softly whilst swirling it around my tongue. She had perfect nipples, they were hard and pink, and I loved teasing them. Her sweet moans grew louder, and she stood up in front of me, she started to undo the zip on her jeans and then slowly pulled them down until she was stood in front of my face in just her white lacy panties. She moved her body towards me, and I rubbed the skin of her sexy legs and arse with my hands, moving the fabric of her panties so that I could feel her whole arse cheek in my hand. “I want you to lick my pussy”, she said seductively. I didn’t need to be asked twice, I pulled her closer to me and slid the lacy fabric of her panties to the side. I stuck my tongue out and licked her beautiful wet clit. She moaned out loud as my tongue licked up and down the length of her pussy, dipping into her tight hole and then back out again to devour her clit. She was practically sat on my face and I was drowning in her juices as my tongue continued to suck and lick her sweet little pussy. She was moaning louder by the second and I was extremely turned on, she was riding my face and I gripped onto her sexy arse as I forced my tongue inside her. She started to convulse, she was about to orgasm straight onto my face. I sped my tongue up and I licked her harder, driving her into a sensational orgasm. She screamed out loud and I was certain if there were people nearby, they would hear but I didn’t care. She started to squirt, her hot cum sprayed into my mouth and over my face. I was covered in her wetness and I was loving every second of it. I couldn’t wait for our next pitstop, I fully intended on giving her an extra snack on our next little break.


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